Freshen Your Home Without Major Renovations

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A total bathroom makeover or a new room addition are nice home renovations, but they’re also expensive, costing thousands of dollars in most cases. Upgrading your home improves aesthetics, value, and its comfort, but needn’t get you in a financial bind. A myriad of simple home renovations can change the appeal and comfort of your home without sending you into debt and without the need for a major renovation. Decide what kind of changes you'd like to see in your home and let the remodeling fun begin!

Add a Sliding Barn Door 

Purchase sliding barn door hardware and create some farmhouse-style in your home, even when you reside in the middle of the city. This renovation is simple and costs only a couple hundred bucks so it's easy to budget the project into your finances. This door comes in assorted styles and designs and can be used to separate rooms.

Update Window Treatments 

Window treatments dress up the windows inside the house and provide a decorative touch. A plethora of styles of window treatments exist. Carefully sorting through the options helps you find cost-effective window treatments that can invigorate the look of your home. Window treatments are inexpensive and really change the entire ambiance of the room.

Wallpaper the Room 

Wallpaper went out of style for many years but its back with a vengeance. Inexpensive, stylish, and easy to install (and remove when you change your mind,) wallpaper perfectly decorates the wall in the kitchen, dining room, hallway, bedroom, or any other room in the home. Many people tackle wallpaper installation themselves which further maintains the low price of this improvement. 


Both inside and outside the home, lighting makes an impact statement, improves safety and adds value to the property. Consider adding a chandelier to the dining room if one’s not in place already. Switch to LED lighting and choose natural over lights whenever possible. Sidewalk lighting paves the way to the home at night. There are endless ideas for lighting that improve your home.

Hardware Update 

Is the hardware on your drawers, cabinets, and doors doing all they can to enhance the style of the room? If you’re unhappy with the hardware or want to recreate the style of the room, look at the hardware options and turn the room into something amazing and out-of-this-world. Hardware is inexpensive, something that most homeowners can DIY to improve the ambiance of the home. 

Bathroom Updates 

Maybe a total bathroom renovation is out of the question, but there are still many ways to recreate this room. Replace the rugs and shower curtain, add wallpaper, and change out any artwork or decorations in the room. Add a few candles for scent effects that change the mood in the room. You may also consider painting the walls in the bathroom to get the change that you want. Let your creativity flow and updating the bathroom without spending a ton of cash comes easily.

Paint the walls 

Speaking of painting, why not put the brush to the wall in each room and upgrade the style? Walls get dirty and while cleaning them is possible, painting is much more fun. A fresh coat of paint improves air quality and helps redesign the home. Wall paint colors range from simple grays to bright oranges. The possibilities are endless. In a few short hours, you can change the ambiance of any room in the home with nothing more than a simple coat of paint.

The Bottom Line 

Don't despair because your budget doesn't allow thousands of dollars worth of renovations and upgrades when there are tons of simple, affordable ideas that recreate the ambiance and style of your home. We've outlined a handful of simple ideas that improve your home above, although there are tons of other ways to turn your home into a space that is unique and all your own. Don't wait another day to plan great renovations to your home when doing so is this easy!

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