6 Challenges Facing Military Wives

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No marriage is simple and every couple has to overcome challenges, but there are unique circumstances for military couples which make the situation significantly more complicated. You are often on the move and are having to integrate into a new community, start a new job, make friends and help the children find their feet again in a new school, all while being separated from your spouse for months at a time. While there are plenty of positive aspects to being married to a serviceman, it can’t be denied that it is not ideal for everyone. Here are 6 challenges facing military wives.

1. You Move Around a Lot 

Military families are often moved on to new bases in line with the armed forces strategy. This can be an exciting way of life which opens up new opportunities and fresh environments, but it can also mean that nowhere really feels like home. Depending on where you are moved to, you may also need to get to grips with a new language and culture, too.

2. You Need to Make New Friends Regularly 

Military wives need to be able to make friends quickly or they run the risk of feeling isolated wherever they move to. There can be a fantastic support network amongst the military families, but it may not suit every personality.

3. It’s an Unsettling Life for Children 

Children can find the nomadic lifestyle challenging as they are regularly changing schools and leaving their friends behind. They may just be getting comfortable somewhere when the family needs to move to a completely new place. Some children can take this in their stride, but others can feel the effects of the uncertainty and instability for many years to come.

4. It’s Difficult to Maintain a Career 

Moving around has another consequence for women who are interested in building a career. Certain employers are reluctant to employ people who are not in a stable living situation so women may need to rethink their career ambitions in favour of a profession which can be done anywhere.

5. Divorce Rates are High 

Military marriages have a divorce rate of around 30%. When your husband is away on duty for long periods of time, it can be difficult to maintain a close relationship. In some cases, the parent who is at home with the children may also start to feel like they are raising them alone. Concerns about infidelity during the periods of separation — along with feelings of isolation — can turn to resentment. Some army wives describe the feeling of being unimportant as they will never be more important than a soldier’s duty to his country. Getting a divorce when you are in the armed forces can also be more complex, particularly if the family is living on the base.

6. Stresses Can be More Intense 

In addition to the issues around separation, there is also the potential for traumatic experiences for both spouses. While death can strike any couple, military couples face this possibility in a much more intense way. Soldiers risk their lives and witness their friends being killed in action and may return with PTSD, depression or anxiety as a result of their experiences. If they are injured, their spouse may be required to become their caregiver which can place a lot of pressure on the relationship.

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