5 Popular Outdoor Activities for Families

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Family time is great except for when you run out of ideas of what to do with your children that both parents and kids can enjoy. Parenthood is amazing, but let's face it, there are certain things that you just do not want to do with your kids in tow. However, spending quality family time together in a place where everyone can enjoy something is possible.

Sometimes it just takes a little creativity, which is why we have created a list of five popular outdoor activities that you can do with your children that you will actually enjoy.

1. Get Outside

Yes, this one is simple and probably overused, but we don't mean just take a walk around your block. We mean get out there, and explore the outdoors! Take a few days to camp out in a new place that you have never been to before and share the beauty of the outdoors with your kids. Teach them how to make fires, set up a tent. But, of course, with this fun excursion, you will likely need some durable gear to last you through years of camping trips. To help you out, here is the best outdoor gear discount for the durable quality gear you're looking for. Getting durable items at discounted prices is ideal when you have growing children. They grow out of things so fast, but you want to make sure that when they get down and dirty in the outdoors, that jackets, coats, and boots don't just rip with any slight movement.

2. Go to the Beach 

Soak up some rays and enjoy the time you have to stretch out and lounge with your family. Whether you are driving to your nearest beach or taking a long flight, everyone deserves a little rest and restoration time under the sun and in the water splashing around with your family. Keep it simple, pack light, and make a point to really enjoy the actual beach. Don't overdo it by regulating everything and booking too many excursions because you will likely come home more tired than well-rested! This could be a great opportunity to play catch in the sand, walk along the shore searching for seashells, and create memories with each other that you will remember fondly.

3. Visit a City Together and Expose Your Family to Diversity and Culture

There are some really great cities to explore as a family, but at the top of our list is D.C. The reason being, this city has wide open spaces and parks sprinkled all throughout. Most importantly, there are tons of free museums. Your trip can include visiting the monuments, which are free, and visiting all the museums. With so many museums to choose from, you are bound to find one or three that your children will enjoy.

4. Do a Marathon Together

This might not sound like the most fun, but it's all in the details. When thinking about training for a marathon, it might not be your cup of tea. And that is completely understandable. However, if you look at it as a potential teaching moment for your children, it takes on a new form. Children can be exposed to running marathons for charity as a way to give back and have fun while doing it. The act of doing a charitable act and doing it together can really create a bond between you and your children that you will appreciate for a lifetime. Explaining to your kids that you are doing something to help a cause, and running or walking a 5K isn't about winning, but about the time you will spend together doing something good for others. All you can expect at the end is a great sense of accomplishment that you and your family can experience together.

5. Go Kayaking

You would be surprised to find out how many places there are to rent kayaks near your local lakes, rivers, and even beaches. Kayaks are easy for the entire family to get the hang of and you can choose to double up to build a sense of teamwork between your family members. With such a simple motion, you can begin to build more trust and understanding of what it means to work together to achieve a goal, even if it is only reaching the other side of the lake.

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