DJI Global Mavic Mini - Top Holiday Pick for Tech Lovers

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We all have them on our list, those tech lovers who are super hard to shop for each holiday season. You know the ones. The people who seem to have every piece of technology known to man, but still want more? You know you want to get them something epic, but the choices seem endless, and finding something they don't already own seems impossible. DJI has you covered this year with the perfect holiday gift idea for the tech lover on your list, the DJI Global Mavic Mini.
Anyone interested in photography, video creation or tech toys in general are going to love this mini drone that packs a punch with all of the capabilities of its full-sized counterparts.

Extended Flight Time

Perhaps one of the most desirable features provided by the DJI Global Mavic Mini's smaller size is the extended flight time it allows for. Since it is smaller and lighter than other drone versions, it can fly for up to 30 uninterrupted minutes with a full charge.

HD Remote Control

See what your Mavic Mini sees in flight with a remote control that feature a full HD low-latency video feed that works at a distance of up to 4km.

Gimbal Camera 

Capture 12MP photos and 2.7K Quad HD videos with a 3-axis gimbal that provides camera stability for a smooth, cinematic footage.


Dronie, Circle, Helix, and Rocket QuickShot modes allow you to take video footage that looks like it came right out of a Hollywood film. The short video that is automatically generated can easily be shared with friends and family via social media. 

CineSmooth Mode

Slow down flight speed and drone movements to create an ultra-smooth and precise video experience in tight spots with the DJI Global Mavic Mini's CineSmooth mode. 

Full Range of Accessories

The Mavic Mini had a full range of accessories available to maximize its use. Products such as a two-way charging hub, DJI Mini Bag, Snap Adapter and Propeller Holder all add to the functionality and portability of the drone, and provide additional gift ideas for the tech lover on your list this year. 

Ready to win the holiday season and pick up the perfect gift for the tech lover on your list this year? Head on over to Best Buy, and purchase the DJI Global Mavic Mini today!

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