9 Essential Tips for Your First Family Trip to Disney World

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Many new parents worry about when they should take their child or children to Disney World. Will they be too young to enjoy it/remember it or even too old to be interested? The truth is that there is no perfect age for a child to have a magical experience at Disney World. Even small babies can benefit from the sensory wonderland, and we all know that you simply can’t be too old! The right time is whenever you are able to make it happen, but there are certain steps you can take to make your trip to Disney World run as smoothly as possible.

1. Choose where to stay carefully 

While there are plenty of hotels within the park itself, they can be pricey, and after a busy day of excitement you may prefer to head somewhere more separate so you can refresh properly ready for the next day. Consider renting one of the many luxurious villas in Florida Orlando which are right on the doorstep of Disney World. This is a particularly good choice for families as you’ll have more space and almost all of the amenities you would have at home.

2. Consider going during low-season 

To minimise the amount of time you need to spend queueing for attractions and wading through crowds, it might be worth planning your trip during the low season, enabling you to avoid school holidays.

3. Arrive early 

While many of us enjoy the odd lie-in on holiday, to get the most from your Disney World experience, you should try to get up and out as early as you can. Ideally, try to be at the park before it opens so you can try and be amongst the first to enter.

4. Prepare for crowds 

Unfortunately, crowds at Disney World are unavoidable even during less busy times of the year. There’s no use getting frustrated or impatient while queueing so think about ways you might be able to pass the waiting time with the kids. Of course, it’s also worth talking to your children about safety in crowds and not to go wandering off.

5. Get the Disney MyMagic+ app 

Having said that you can’t avoid queues; there is something you can do to limit your waiting time and take control of your holiday schedule. For example, one of the biggest attractions for children and adults is meeting the characters around the park. While some may be walking around, if your child has their heart set on a particular character, you should take advantage of the MyMagic+ app. It enables you to plan meeting characters, princess experiences, rides, attractions, and dining before you’ve stepped foot in the park.

6. Pack a Day Bag of Essentials 

Most parents know this already, but it’s important to take a day bag with you full of all theessentials you’ll need like wet wipes, toys, snacks, drinks, etc. It can be incredibly hot in the park, especially when waiting for rides in the sun, so if you can bring freezer packs, you won’t regret it.

7. Combine dessert with a great view of the fireworks 

The fireworks displays at Disney World are incredibly famous and draw huge crowds, but at the end of a long day, it’s likely that you’ll be less than thrilled about the idea of more crowds. To finish the day in relaxation, consider getting tickets for a dessert party where you can enjoy a delicious sweet treat after dinner and get a great view of the fireworks.

8. Be savvy about souvenirs 

It’s highly likely that you’ll want to take souvenirs from your trip home with you, but they can be costly if you’re not careful. There are more affordable options like magnets, keychains, pressed pennies and pins. If you want more ideas, check out how to visit Disney World on abudget. It’s also worth knowing that there is a shopping app specifically for merchandise which is available at the park. This means that you don’t need to go trekking all over the place to find what you want as you can buy it directly via the app and have it delivered to the front of the park, your hotel or villa or even your home. This is not only more convenient, but it also saves you having to squeeze souvenirs into your return luggage.

9. Plan for rainy days 

If you do choose to go to Disney World during the summer, remember that even sunny Orlando gets rain and summer is actually the wettest time of year. Keep raincoats or ponchos handy at all times and have a rainy day itinerary ready in your back pocket.

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