How to Create the Ultimate Playroom at Home

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Playtime should not be undervalued when your children are growing up, it’s an important element of development that boosts their imagination and creativity as well as physical and emotional strength. If you have the space at home, it’s ideal to create a playroom away from the bedroom so children can differentiate between an area for fun and an area for relaxation and sleep.

You could consider having a shared bedroom to free up space for a playroom, this would also be a great way to teach your children how to share and respect each other’s belongings. When you have the space available, the next step is to allow your creative juices to flow and design an inventive space that your children will love to spend time in. If they are old enough, try and include them in the planning process. Here are some great ideas to get you started:

A Chalkboard Wall

Does anyone grow up without scribbling on a pristine white wall in the house? A rebellious action that is swiftly followed by distress and panic from the parents and a phone call to the decorator. Create a space in the playroom that allows children to draw on the walls in as many colors and shapes as they wish. Wall decor can be updated daily and parents don’t have to worry.

Purchase some chalkboard paint and choose the designated wall. You may need to sand the surface area first and fill in any holes or imperfections. Make sure you tape the edges to avoid errors, as it’s a very dark paint it can be difficult to cover up mistakes. If you’d rather avoid the DIY, search for "handyman near me" to find someone who can complete the job in a professional manner.

Functional Storage Space

This room will be bursting with toys, craft equipment, books and stationery so it’s important to have a lot of storage space to hand. Bookshelves will take care of your child’s favorite stories and large wicker baskets are perfect for throwing in teddies at the end of the day. A personalized toy box is a wonderful addition to a playroom and helps keep personal belongings separate. Create a custom design that your child will love, it will make them feel really spoilt and special but is also a functional gift that will keep the playroom tidy.

Vibrant Wall Art

Create a theme in the playroom with wall art and removable decals that can be updated as your child gets older. Interests will change and it can be expensive to constantly redecorate. Choose a neutral paint color on the walls and add characters, patterns and more on top. You’ll find that they are easy to remove and do not damage the walls or peel off paintwork when you replace them.

Story Time Corner

Reading books and telling stories is an important pastime when growing up. Spending time as a family, engrossed in the latest children’s best seller is a precious time that should be cherished. This time won’t be around forever and creating a soft, relaxing space to do so should be a top priority in any playroom. Place bookshelves in the corner with your chosen seating to create a designated space so children can identify it with reading and storytelling.

Bean bags are great for sinking into and a fun alternative to normal seats and sofas. Why not create a small den with a piece of canvas or material to create a sense of seclusion. Adding anindoor tent or teepee is a great design feature and does not have to cost the world, there are plenty of designs on offer these days.

Creative Desk Space

A desk space for each child is a great way to encourage creativity, it’s a place where stationery can be stored and art equipment can be kept. Encourage children to complete projects from this area at a young age and it can evolve into a homework space as they move up through school. If you’re struggling with space around the home and ideally would like to have an office for your own work, this could be incorporated into the playroom if you’re clever about it. Add a lockable filingcabinet underneath the table to keep important documents separate from the children’s arts and crafts.

These helpful ideas should create a functional yet versatile space that can be enjoyed by all the family and will create great enjoyment and memories for your child. It will also help contain children’s belongings from spilling into the rest of the home and maintain a tidy home.

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