Cool Gift Ideas for College Grads

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You remember the day you gave birth to your precious bundle of joy and in just a few short weeks you’ll be watching them walk across the stage to receive their degree. Your child is about to cross over into full-blown adulthood. You’re proud of what they’ve accomplished so far and loved who they’ve become as a young adult. To show just how pleased you are, you’d like to purchase the perfect gift for graduation day. The only problem you’re having is figuring out what to get.

You could easily throw some cash or a gift card in a card and call it a day, but you really want to get your child something they’re interested in. There are lots of things you could buy, but here are a few suggestions to help you narrow down your options.


Now that your child is finished with school, they’ll be heading out into the professional world. You can give them a great gift to help them make a lasting impression. A briefcase is a vital professional tool. It's essential for carrying around electronics and paperwork necessary to complete their jobs. Whether they use it in interviews or take it to work with them daily this is a cool gift you college grad would appreciate. You can even have it personalized with their name or a special message imprinted on it.

Gym Membership

Staying active is vital to your wellness. Your college grad may have been able to go to the gym for free when they were in school, but now that they’ve graduated they’ll have to pay. You can give them a helping hand by investing in a gym membership for them. You can throw in a couple of other cool things like athletic wear, a gym bag, water bottle, earbuds, or running shoes.

Subscription Services 

There are monthly subscription services available for just about anything you can think of. You can give your college student the gift that keeps on giving by investing in a service they enjoy. If they love watching movies, you might pay for a streaming service. If your college kid is a social vaper, paying for a Zamplebox vape juice subscription box would really come in handy. There are so many different options from wine to weekly food delivery services, any of these subscription services would make their day.

Cooking Gadgets 

They might come home on occasion for family dinners but the rest of the time your child will have to fend for themselves in the kitchen. Whether they’re great in the kitchen or not, you can make cooking easier by investing in cool gadgets and appliances. Buying things like a crockpot, toaster oven, air fryer, or electric frying pan allows your child to prepare delicious meals at home.


After graduating college it’s the perfect time to do some traveling and explore the world around you. You can encourage your child to discover their own path by purchasing them some luggage. If you have money to spring for it, perhaps you could buy their first tickets or invest in other traveling gadgets to make their trips more enjoyable.


Even though they just spent the last few decades of their lives reading and learning books are a great gift for a college grad. Instead of going with a fictional piece, try looking for books that touch on topics they’ll need to know in adulthood. Whether it’s how to manage finances, start a business, or discover their true passion your child will love reading inspiring and informational books that help keep them ahead in life.

It’s hard to believe that your child is all grown up now. Though you can’t rewind the hands of time, you can still give them something that supports their journey through adulthood. As you look for gift ideas for your college grad think about their personal interests, lifestyle, and the journey into adulthood. This will certainly help you pick something they can appreciate.

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