4 Possessions You Have to Keep Safe When You’re Traveling

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While travelling is fun and allows us to recharge and relax, it can also make us a little vulnerable when we’re in a new place and we don’t want to lose our possessions. There are so many important things that we might choose to bring with us when we go on a cruise or take a flight to our dream exotic location. In order to have peace of mind, we have to know how to keep our valuables safe and take the necessary precautions so we don’t end up regretting that vacation. The thing about modern life is it’s not just things like jewelry that would hurt to lose. There are quite a few things that are hard to replace, and things that would cause a real headache if we lost them. So what are these items and what are the general and specific things we can do to keep them safe?

In general the first thing you need to do is avoid looking like easy targets. In order to not be a target, you need to make sure you don’t look like one. Firstly, don’t travel with valuable items that aren’t necessary. Avoid carrying expensive stuff that can easily get lost of misplaced. Secondly, don’t flash your possessions around, it might unknowingly attract the wrong kind of attention. When the ship stops for a port visit, make sure you don’t look like a tourist by wearing any clothing that could show it. Make sure you stay on the beaten track and avoid being alone in unfamiliar places. Also read up about dangerous locations or talk to experts about the most dangerous cruise ship excursions so that you know what to avoid and what you can do to have more security.

Here’s how you can keep specific valuables safe when you’re traveling.


While you can leave behind some jewelry, there are some items you can’t leave behind like wedding rings and watches. Keeping this stuff safe goes back to not making yourself a target by flashing the stuff around. Jewelry can also get lost while you’re swimming, so consider taking valuable earrings and rings off if you’re going to hit the water. Avoid going off on your own because this might leave you vulnerable to muggings.


Traveling requires us to move around with cameras and cellphones to take photos, but that can actually make us easy targets. If you’re going on an excursion outside of your cruise ship, you’ll definitely want to have something to snap with. To avoid any issues, use these gadgets in a place that’s not secluded and away from the beaten path. While it’s great to get a unique photo, you don’t want to do it at the expense of your safety.

Passwords and Credit Cards 

In this modern era, our most valuable and important possessions come in the form of digital items. Photos, files and passwords are quite important and you’re not being too cautious if you backup your data before a trip. Use something like Google Drive to keep track of important documents, and have measures in place to keep your information like passwords out of the wrong hands in the event of a laptop or cellphone getting lost. When it comes to credit cards, don’t leave them lying around and make sure you can take immediate action when you misplace or lose it.

Travel Documents and Identification 

This is very important because if you lose this stuff while traveling it might be a nightmare to get back home. If you don’t need to use your passport while exploring and walking around, make sure it’s locked in a safe back in your hotel room or cabin. If you do need them, make sure you keep them on you at all times, whether it’s keeping them in a secure and deep pocket in your jacket or jeans or in a bag that you’ll have on your body.

What else can you do to avoid getting into some issues?


If you’re going to a new place, don’t just read up on the activities you can do, also check out forums for any news about muggings. Consider adding that necessary task to your travel prep list. This will inform you of what you need to do to protect yourself, areas to avoid and other ways to keep you safe at all times. It is very possible to have a successful trip without any bad memories and experiences if you take the right precautions.

 Every cruise ship suite is equipped with safes, and that’s where you should keep valuable items like passports and phones when we don’t need them. This will give you peace of mind to go about and enjoy all the great activities and facilities a luxury cruise ship offers.

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