5 Blog Tweaks To Upgrade Your Visitor’s Engagement

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Guest Post:

In the beginning, bloggers are just happy to start a blog and publish their own content online.
Then, as you start to build an audience, you realize there are plenty of areas for improvement.
Even after several months or years, there are always new changes to make that can create a
better experience for your visitors. If you take the time to upgrade your blog regularly, you will
have a higher engagement rate. More people will read and share your content. Additionally,
your blog might win new blog awards and get recognized by others online. To learn more about
how to increasingly engage visitors, here are blog tweaks that you should consider making.

Add More Images To Blog Posts

Typically, bloggers add one or two images to their posts. While the average blog post ranges
from 500-1,000 words, a picture is worth 1,000 words itself, right? Visitors will spend more time
on your site if you include high quality images. This might require you to sign up for a royalty
free stock image website, but it will be worth the investment. As more visitors spend increasing
amounts of time on your site, they are more likely to read and share your content. Simply, add
3-4 images or more to each blog post. It will make your content more engaging for visitors from
various traffic sources.

Approve And Respond To All Comments

As visitors spend more time on your blog, spend time moderating their comments. When a
visitor leaves a genuine comment on your website, it is some of the best engagement possible.
They offer new ideas, questions and concerns. You could end up learning something new or
coming up with new ideas for content. Moreover, if other people see that you are actively
responding to comments, they will also want to interact with you and leave their own
comments. Although this can be a major commitment of time because of all the poor
comments out there, it can also be highly rewarding. Consider approving and responding to all
your comments to increase visitor engagement.

Optimize Your Use of Keywords

Next, you can improve your visitor engagement by optimizing your keyword usage. If you are
receiving a lot of search engine traffic on a particular post, you should add other relevant terms
so that other people can find that page. Or, if a post is not receiving much traffic, analyze the
keywords in the post. Then, optimize the keywords in the post so it can get picked up by the
search engines. This is a highly effective way to build blog traffic. It will help more people find
your blog when they are searching for terms relevant to your content. This type of traffic is one
of the most engaging sources online.

Sign Up For Managed Hosting

Popularly, bloggers will start out on shared hosting servers. These types of packages can have
very poor load times and overall performance. Since you website could potentially share
resources with dozens or hundreds of other websites, you should pay attention to your blog
hosting. By investing in a managed hosting package, professionals take care of all the
maintenance of your blog’s backend. This allows you more time to focus on your content while
your visitors have a better viewing experience. An upgraded hosting package can significantly
improve the experience of your visitors and their engagement rates.

Ask Readers To Share Your Content

At the end of your posts, request that your readers share your content on social media. You will
be pleasantly surprised how much of a difference this will make. Simply asking your visitors to
engage will increase your engagement rates. This is great for spreading your content to your
visitor’s networks, bringing in referral traffic. As more people get introduced to your blog, keep
asking them to share and engage with your content. Including a call to action is an easy tweak
to increase your user engagement instantly.

On your journey to improve your blog, keep your visitors the top priority. If you make effective
tweaks to upgrade their experience, they will help grow your blog significantly. Start by adding
more images, responding to comments and optimizing keywords. As you continue to engage
visitors, ensure that your blog infrastructure can handle the traffic so you don’t keep them
waiting for pages to load. Then, ask them to keep sharing your content far and wide. Using
these tweaks, you can surely increase the engagement on your blog for the long term.

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