Help Your Teenage Son Find His Unique Sense of Style #AXEpersonalstyle

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This post is sponsored by Mirum, but opinions expressed are my own.

If you asked me which one of my children has the most unque sense of style, I would not hesitate to name my oldest son Josh. Now that he is just a few short months away from being a full-fledged adult, he has really come to own his personal style, and I love every minute of it. While his blingy watches, and hair color choices over the years were not necessarily my cup of tea, they were uniquely him, and that is all that ever mattered. In our family his nickname is Hollywood, and he sure does live up to it with his flashy clothes and hairstyles. This kid is so much cooler than I was at his age, and I am happy to have raised a confident child who is not afraid to rock his own look!

Joshua's style definitely starts with his hair. He has always have very strong opinions on what his hair should look like, and this has led to many exasperating moments, when I am trying to leave the house and he is trying to get it "Just right." Heck, he spends more time doing his hair than I do. In the end, he pulls off colors and styles with his hair that I never could. Even when we accidently dyed his hair orange, he rocked it, and it actually looked great on him!

Today, he doesn't trust any other brand with his hair styling than AXE. They give him the tools he needs to pull off any look. Whether it is his 50's James Dean vibe, or his 90's retro tall and messy look, he rocks them all with the help of AXE hair styling products. CVS is having a killer sale right now on their AXE styling products, so I stopped by and stocked up the other day. Not only did we score a great deal, but I got $5 back in Extra Care Bucks that let me buy milk and some other essentials for the family with the savings!

Josh's favorite product is the AXE Natural Look Softening Cream. It does not give that sticky and hard appearnace that many hair styling products do. In fact, it leaves hair looking like you have nothing in it at all, but it still holds the look all day. He is also a big fan of the AXE Messy Look Matte Wax when he neds an extra strong hold and wants to add some texture.

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How to Help Your Son Find His Unique Style

Leave Your Opinons Behind

The first step towards allowing your teenage son to develope his own personal style, it to leave your opinions out of it. If you try to impose what you think or what you like into your son's style, then he is going to edit his likes and dislikes based on them. Leave your opinons behind, and let your son know that if he likes the way something looks, that is all that matters. 

Encourage Them to Try Something New

If you son is in a style rut, why not try to encourage them to try something new? A new haircut, a new color, a new type of shirt? The possibilities are endless when it comes to create your own style, and your child should be encouraged to explore some of those different possibilities. 

Be Open Mind

When my son wanted to buy a pair of black sparkly dress shoes, I cringed a little inside. I kept my feelings to myself though, kept an open mind, and you know what? He actually looked really great in them. Keeping an open mind lets you and your son feel better about the style choices he makes. 

Does your son have his own unique hairstyle or personal look? How do you encourage your child to be themselves both inside and out? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Don't forget to stop by CVS today to stock up on the great deals for AXE hair styling products going on now!

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