4 Ways To Protect Your Home That You Didn’t Think About

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When we think of protecting our home, we almost always think about home security and protecting ourselves from theft or harm. There are so many other situations to think about and consider when it comes to protecting the home we have invested in and consider our safe space. Today we look at four other ways to protect the home and all of those that reside in it.

Pests And Vermin Are Annoying

Bugs, insects, and creepy-crawlies inevitably make their way into our homes. Raccoons, rats, mice, squirrels, and even snakes can contribute major damage to the home. Safety isn’t just about keeping your television safe, it’s about keeping the structure safe so that you don’t have to pay unnecessary repair bills for chewed up wires or destroyed insulation. Every state and city has a wide variety of solutions, such as companies that offer pest control in Orange County, California, that can help you keep the pests away and leave you free to play.

Protecting The Pipes

Across the US, we have seen some record-breaking cold temperatures. While people in regions that usually have frigid temps know how to protect the home, the rest of us who aren’t used to it, don’t think about what those temperatures can do to the water pipes in our homes.

We have seen many accounts across social media of people who were shocked when they were faced with a flood in the kitchen, bathroom, or basement. Water damage and broken water pipes are a costly repair, and the clean up is horrible. Throw in the fact that it’s been so cold, and you will find yourself miserable. Consider having your pipes checked in the summer or fall, and get some professional advice to see if your pipes will hold up this year.

It is also a good idea to install pipe warmers, especially if you have an unfinished basement that may not be as well insulated. They come in two types; electric warmers you plug in, and heating tape that is also plugged in. They are great for temps that dip to -50 degrees but remember if you lose power then you won’t be able to keep those pipes warm. Drip your faucets because moving water has a harder time freezing.

Fires Are A Blessing When Taken Care Of

More homes are available with a fireplace to keep you warm and toasty in the cooler temperatures. If you don’t take care of your fireplace, you can find yourself with a fire where you don't want it. Always be sure the fire is out and cooled before going to bed, throw some water on it to help put out any embers that you may or may not see. Frequent cleaning of the area is also helpful to keep from any buildup. Most importantly, have a chimney sweep come in annually to do a thorough cleaning of your chimney, and to check to be sure that the entire fireplace is in proper working order. The sooner you can discover problems, the sooner you can fix them and avoid any costly fires in the home.

Rain Is Great Until It’s In The Home

We have been seeing more and more torrential rains hitting our neighborhoods than we are used to. It almost doesn’t matter if your home is in a flood zone or not. There are ways to check the home and make sure that you won’t have to worry about flooding. First and foremost, keep your gutters clean! Have those gutters checked every three to four months and be sure they are working well. You can find gutters that have a cover and keep debris out, which means less maintenance (check those every six months!). Check your basement each season for any sign of leakage; musty odor, dampness, cracks in walls and floors, and look for discoloration or white residue on the walls.

There are so many ways to protect the home that we don’t consider right off the bat. Anything you can think of that protects the structure, the land, the property inside, and definitely the residents are an important measure to add.

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