"You Rule" Free Printable Valentine Card

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I love coming up with fun DIY printable Valentines. Don't get me wrong, those Star Wars and Barbie cards are pretty cute, but having something that your kid can help put together, and that is different than the other children is a real treat. This adorable "You Rule" Valentine card using the free printable in this post along with rulers to create a unique non-candy card that your kids can hand out to their class. It doesn't have to cost a lot either, you can score four dozen adorable bookmark rulers on Amazon for under $5!

“You Rule” Valentine



1. Begin by cutting out the Valentine’s from the “You Rule” printable.

2. Use a hole punch to make a hole in the upper corner of each Valentine.

3. Cut a piece of ribbon and thread it through the hole in each Valentine and through the hole at the top
of each ruler. Tie the ribbon in a bow to secure the Valentine to the ruler.

You can get the free Valentine card printable here, it will print out 10 cards per page.

Do you like to create your own DIY Valentine cards with your kids? Share your experiences in the comments below. Did you like today's post? It would mean a lot if you could take a moment to share it on social media using the buttons at the bottom of this post!

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