Love is a Battlefield Valentine Cards - Free Printable

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We've rung in the New Year, and now Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Get kids excited by helping them find some unique DIY Valentines they can help put together themselves. This adorable "Love is a Battlefield" Valentine card is easy to make with our free printable and some plastic army men. Just make a trip to the dollar store, and you are all set!

“Love is a Battlefield” Valentine Cards


Small plastic army men
Washi tape


  1. Start by cutting out each Valentine from the “Love is a Battlefield” printable.
  2. Lay an army man on the blank space on the Valentine.
  3. Use washi tape to secure the army man to the Valentine.
Get the free printable card by clicking the image below. The cards will print 10 per page.

Do you like to make your own Valentine's Day cards or just purchase them from the store? Share your preference in the comments below. If you liked our free printable Valentine's Day card, please take a moment to pin the post or share on Facebook!

free printable Valentine for boys

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