Free Printable Glow in the Dark Shapes Valentine Cards

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If your kids are anything like mine, then they are fascinated by anything that glows in the dark. This Valentine's Day, light up the night with these fun and easy to make Valentine cards with our free printable. The adorable "You Light Up My Life" card is perfectly paired with a glow in the dark shapes, and it's as easy as that. Light up the classroom with Valentine's Day, and send your kid to school with these glowing Valentines.

“You Light Up My Life” Valentine


Hole punch


1. Cut out the “You Light Up My Life” Valentines from the printable.

2. Place one or more glow in the dark stars or shapes into a clear Valentine’s themed bag.

3. Punch a hole into each Valentine.

4. Tie the Valentines around the top of each bag with ribbon of your choosing.

Get your free printable Valentine's Day card here. The cards will print 10 per page, and can be printed on glossy or regular card stock, or even just plain printer paper.

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free printable glow in the dark valentine card

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