3 Reasons Homeschooling Moms Would Make Perfect Library Managers

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Guest Post:

Homeschooling is a wonderful experience, not just for the children but also for the mothers who get to stay home and teach them. Because homeschooling is so research-intensive, mothers who dedicate themselves to this task would probably love being library managers. If you take a moment to think about it, it makes perfect sense. There is so much time spent reading and learning so many things, that this would make homeschool moms perfect in a library setting. In fact, it is probably safe to assume these mothers already spend a lot of time in the library.

1. Studying for a Library Manager Degree Made Easy

As with most professions today, getting an online MMLIS degree is easier than studying on campus. If a mother is already spending her days at home schooling her kids, why not study for her own profession online at the same time? While the kids are doing their lessons, she can be doing hers, and right from the comfort of her own home. Not only is this convenient, but again, it is already an area these homeschooling mothers are familiar with. Researching the most creative ways to teach their children gives them the extra edge where being a library manager is concerned.

2. Attendance at Library Volunteer Programs

Many mothers who home-school their children also attend home-school groups, usually at a local library. Arts and crafts, reading assistance, math clubs, and a number of other programs meet in libraries. A lot of mothers who home-school their own children tend to participate in these volunteer groups and stay active in the library community. A library manager should be familiar with everything in the library. Who better for the task than a mother who spends hours and hours of her time at the library? For homeschooling mothers who enjoy being involved with various library programs, there are online library science programs like this one.

3. Love for Literature

Mothers who have the patience and wherewithal to homeschool their kids, also generally have a natural affinity for literature and reading. It is no simple task to mold the minds of children. It takes a special kind of person to take on such an endeavor. This same kind of person is the exact type who would be perfect in the position of library manager. An online MMLIS program that can be done at the same time as homeschooling will open a lot of doors. The ability to get paid for doing something you already love does not come all the time.
Being a library manager offers a mom of homeschoolers a future in helping not only their own kids, but also other kids as well, and will enable mom to be a mentor for brand new homeschooling moms looking for study aids. As a library manager, you’ll no doubt get many opportunities to assist people in finding engaging material, with which to teach their children. Not everyone has what it takes to manage a library, but moms who have experience with homeschooling their kids tend to make brilliant librarians and, ultimately, managers.

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