3 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Find Freelance Success

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Freelancing was once considered something to do on the side for some extra cash, to explore new opportunities or learn a new skill. Now it’s a chance to take something you enjoy and turn it into a long-term and well-paying career. With over 50 million people working as freelancers, this segment will become 40 percent of the workforce in 2020, Fast Company reports. The bulk of professionals who leave their day jobs for a freelance career end up earning significantly more than they did during their tenure as office workers.
If you have the entrepreneurial itch but don't know where to start, here are three avenues to consider to make your business dreams a reality.

1. Learn To Code

With the advent of the internet of things (IoT) and our reliance on smartphones, coding is becoming one of the most essential skills for the future. Freelance coders can work from anywhere in the world, and the best can charge hundreds of dollars per hour for their work. App developers can strike it rich with just one popular iOS or Android offering. So how do you get started if you don't know the difference between an algorithm and a compiler?
Take advantage of these free online resources to get up to speed and start your freelance coding career on a solid foundation:

2. Try Affiliate Marketing

If you'd like to avoid mastering a new skill and want to try something less intense online, consider joining an affiliate marketing program. With an incredible range of products and affiliate plans — from Shopify to Amazon — many companies rely on (and pay) people to encourage others to buy their products. Some affiliate marketers can make thousands of dollars every month. The key to success in this field is to offer relevant, compelling and engaging content on your website that converts them from readers to buyers.

3. Selling an Established Brand

Many organizations will set you up with access to a quality range of products, all you need to do is sell. Amway, for example, offers sales-minded entrepreneurs the chance to start a business right away. If you love to sell face to face and want to provide merchandise from a well-known brand, Amway could be your ticket to freelance success along with other direct sales companies.

No matter what path you choose as an entrepreneur, with tips like the one above, it is easy to find freelance success doing something you love while utilizing the skills you currently have.

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