Up Your Game with a New Grooming Routine #OwnYourRegimen

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Football season is in full swing, and the boys are stoked as most males are this time of year. From tailgating parties, to sitting around the TV with the family and catching the latest big game, there is a ton of fun to be had during the season. Just like my boy's favorite players take care to look their best both on and off the field, I want the same for them. Now that they are teenagers, a good grooming routine is extremely important. It's easier to convince them to take care of themselves both inside and out, when they have access to some of the same great products some of the football players use.

When I did our weekly grocery shopping at Publix this week, I picked up a few products to help my boys put together a solid grooming strategy. Just like my boys have vastly different personalities, they also have different grooming needs, and I love that Unilever brands like Degree, AXE, Dove Men + Care and Suave have a wide range of grooming products available to fit each of their individual needs.

For example, I picked up Dove Men + Care Elements Minerals +Sage Body Wash for my oldest son who is sensitive to strong scents. This light scent is the perfect solution for him. It is strong enough to keep him smelling fresh and clean all day, but light enough that it won't have him sneezing or making his eyes water.

I also picked up the Degree Men Ultraclear Black+White Antiperspirant Dry Spray because provides odor control for up to 48 hours without causing a mess on dark clothing. He wears dark navy blue shirts for his uniforms in Sea Cadets and it is a relief to find a product that keeps them looking their best and not stained.

Some of my other boys are all about smelling awesome and for them, the AXE Cool Charge Body Wash is a touchdown in the bathroom. It has a fresh scent that has them smelling good all day with 12 hour touch release frangrance, and that is saying a lot when it comes to teenage boys. 

For one of my other boys who has more sensitive skin, the Dove Men+Care Invisible Antiperspirant is a solution to the sensitivity problem he experiences with many deodorants. It contains a formula of 1/4 moisturizers, so it's tough on odor but not on skin. 

I love that Unilever provides a wide range of brands that have everything I need to create a game winning grooming routine that is every bit as different for each of my boys as they are from each other. This is the best time of year to start fresh with a new grooming routine for the men in your life. Help them up their game by visiting your local Publix and taking advantage of great deals on all of your favorite grooming products from Unilever Brands.

Right now, you can score a free $10 gift card by mail when you spend $30 on participating products. Just visit the Unilever Own Your Every Look webpage for full details and to sign up for future savings from Publix!

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