Bathroom Upgrades Your Children Will Appreciate

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When you have kids, it becomes easy to see the world through their point of view, which allows you to manifest changes in your daily life to reflect their interests. This extends to nearly every aspect of your life, of course, from the jobs you can take on, to the nature of the home remodeling changes you make, etc.

As far as your kids are concerned, the most important rooms in the house are probably their bedrooms, the kitchen (where the magic happens) and the bathroom. They spend more time here than anywhere else, which is why changes here are so important. In this article, we’ll check out a handful of bathroom upgrades that will not only beautify the place, but make it more convenient to use.

First Of All, Make Sure The Bathroom Is Maintained

This initial act goes beyond merely cleaning it; you need to make sure the plumbing is in tip-top shape. Unless you’re a professional plumber, then this necessitates a call to the local PlumbingFix or equivalent outfit in your area.

The most effective protection against persistent pipe problems is maintenance, which is why the experts recommend having regular check-ups - this is much less costly in the long-run than having a plumber come out for a toilet, sink or shower emergency.

Spruce Up The Mirror

Most bathrooms come with a standard, builder-grade mirror when you move into a new home. It’s pretty bare-bones compared to the options out there, and it’s just screaming for an upgrade. One thing you can do is make it larger, to create a sense of an expanded space. Kids may not express it, but a bathroom that looks larger is always a bonus.

You can add another half-length mirror along one of the walls of the bathroom, too, to further enhance the sense of a bigger space. It also has utility; what faster way to check how your apparel fits from the back and front than having two mirrors? Place a frame around each one to cover wall flaking that sometimes occurs as a result of water damage.

Change The Vanity

Children don’t usually have as much of a need for vanity furniture as you might. If their bathroom has one to cover up the access points to plumbing, that’s one thing; otherwise, consider having a modern pedestal sink installed to open up the space even more. Combine this with the appearance of openness that the mirrors provide, and your kids will find the bathroom almost unrecognizable (in a good way).

Alternatively, you can remove a large vanity and replace it with a sink console that’s raised up from the floor and embedded directly into the wall. It leaves the space underneath for additional storage.

Add Open Shelves For Storage

Now that the bathroom doesn’t have a vanity - if you’ve chosen to go that route - you’ll need something for storing towels and accessories. Open shelves offer a unique look that provides the appearance of extra space.

Additionally, open shelves are less costly than other storage options, given the relative lack of material necessary in their construction. They make it easy to see where everything is, too, so you no longer have to kneel and rummage through the cabinets. They are, by all accounts, an efficient tip for bathroom remodeling.

Suggestions like the ones above also lend themselves to aesthetic design, since you can place colored towels and soaps on the open shelves to coordinate with the bathroom’s theme. These are upgrades that both you and your children will appreciate.

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