Things To Do In Langkawi: Skytrex Tree to Tree Adventure

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Things to do in Langkawi

Langkawi is an amazing island paradise with a vast array of attractions to explore. One of the most incredible adventure experiences on the main island of Langkawi can be found at Skytrex, a tree to tree adventure course for all ages. Here, you can take a run through one of three different courses of varying levels of intensity, and have a blast navigating through the varied obstacles while climbing, soaring and swinging high above the rainforest floor.

Skytrex Adventure Courses

Comprised of three different courses, Skytrex offers an adrenaline-pumping experience for the whole family. The beginner's course is known as the Little Legend, and includes 22 different obstacles to navigate your way through, seven of which are Flying Fox ziplines. This is perfect for children and for those who have a lower fitness level or who have not done a ropes course in the past. 

If you are very advanced, then the 27 obstacle Island Extreme course could be right for you. With a total of 14 Flying Fox ziplines, it is a heart-pumping gliding adventure for sure!

The course that we ultimately chose to do was the intermediate course known as the Eagle Thrill. Complete with 24 obstacles, 9 of them being Flying Fox ziplines, it is the perfect mix of thrilling fun and skills testing necessary for having an absolute blast! We chose this course as my youngest is only 11 and not quite up to the level of the advanced course yet. The Eagle Thrill course is a great choice if you are unsure of your fitness level and just want to make sure you have an incredible time. 


As a mother hen to my four boys, safety is always my highest priority. When we arrived at Skytrex, we were asked to sign waivers, then given gloves and cinched into our harnesses. You don't put your own harness on, and they are double checked by your guides, so there is little chance for error.

You are then taken to an initiation area, where you are taught about the double locking system which ensures your safety all the way through the course. It allows you to always have at least one of your cables attached to the main lines at all times, as the only way to unlock both is at the very end on a special cable. The guides go over the equipment, show you how to use it and then let you have a practice run before heading out on the course. During your time on the course, you move as a team not only with your own family or friends, but as an entire group, so no one gets left behind. 

The Experience

The one thing I love most about Skytrex Adventure is that it allows you to walk away with a sense of accomplishment. It was incredible to watch my youngest son overcome his fears and climb that huge ladder all the way to the top of the course. He may have been tired, but he kept going, and it was amazing to experience.

Skytrex has worked hard to make sure that their obstacles are both challenging and fun, and that they blend in perfectly with the Malaysian Rainforest that the obstacle course winds its way through. This made for an experience that was every bit as beautiful as it was thrilling.

The course is challenging, but neither too long nor too short. The boys' favorite parts by far were the Flying Fox zip lines. I mean, who doesn't love soaring through the air like a bird? The course is definitely capable of being completed, but should someone in your group not wish to continue, there are several chicken exits located throughout the 24 obstacle course. 

Ticket Cost

Skytrex Adventure in Langkawi is very reasonably priced, and is a perfect afternoon activity for families. Rates vary according to the course you choose to complete, but the intermediate course that we completed is RM55 ($12.84 USD) if booked online or RM60 ($14.01) should you choose to just walk in one day. Additional add-on items like gloves (RM10) and a water bottle holder (RM15) are available as well. For more information, visit

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