Things to Do in Langkawi: 3D Interactive Art Museum

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Langkawi 3d art museum

Located within the Oriental Village on the main island of Langkawi, the 3D Interactive Art Museum gives you the chance to get creative, and take home some of the most amazing photo opportunities. It is the perfect way to wrap up an afternoon of fun after taking in the breathtaking sights from the Langkawi SkyCab and SkyBridge. We visited another 3D art museum in Malacca, but the one in Langkawi is gigantic. With over 21,000 square feet of space, the Langkawi 3D Art Museum features over 100 interactive photographs for visitors to pose with.

What is the 3D Art Museum?

Prior to coming to Malaysia, we had never been to a 3D art museum before, but we quickly learned they are a ton of fun. Basically, there are photos and murals painted throughout the museum that create 3D scenes. You step into them, pose yourself and you have an incredible photo to walk away with that makes you look like you were really in that very scene.

We walked upstairs, downstairs and throughout countless rooms of photos and murals in the Langkawi 3D Art Museum. Some of the photo ops were hilarious (thong wearing hippo anyone?), and some of them are quite realistic, like the giant falling Jenga game. One thing is for certain though, they are all a ton of fun, and allow you to use your imagination to creative memories that will last a lifetime.

You can almost be eaten by a panda, join a polar bear on the beach, and even become a real life puppet. The possibilities are endless. The museum is divided into 10 different zones, including the Fantasy, Safari, Malaysia and Aquarium zones. Each unique zone offers you new photo opportunities. Don't miss out on the daily indoor laser show that takes place in the Main Hall Zone. We have seen a lot of laser shows, but never indoors and done to this extent, it is a great treat.

Ticket Prices

Tickets to the Langkawi 3D Interactive Art Museum are RM38 (roughly $9.50 USD) for foreign adults and RM28 (roughly $7 USD) for children. You can purchase a combo ticket for savings that includes the 3D Art Museum as well as other popular attractions within the Oriental Village. 

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