How Dermarolling Can Help You Have Better Skin

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Human skin is often described as a health barometer or a mirror that reflects what a person has been through, but even if you feel fine it is still possible to develop wrinkles or other skin issues. If you want to have better skin on the outside to match how you feel on the inside, then Dermarolling is a procedure which might be able to help you.

 How Dermarolling and Micro-Needling Are Similar

If you have ever heard of micro-needling, then you have also heard of Dermarolling, sort of. Dermarolling is one of many types of micro-needling. Micro-needling procedures use a series of tiny needles to “wound” the skin in the treated area. The purpose is to get the body to respond by making more elastin and collagen to strengthen the skin in the treatment zone.

Dermarollers are micro-needling devices that are specifically equipped with rolling drums covered in small needles. They are hand-held apparatuses designed to be manually rolled across the skin. Much like some clinical cosmetic-lasers, Dermaroller procedures are designed to cause a very slight amount of new damage to the skin. By doing so, they trigger natural repairs within the body to occur. As the new damage is repaired, so is much of the old skin damage that already existed.

How Dermaroller Procedures Are Performed in Skincare Clinics

A trained technician at a skincare clinic can use a Dermaroller to systematically treat the skin on whatever part of your body that has wrinkles you want to be rid of. However, most Dermaroller devices are best suited for treating stomachs or other larger areas. Other forms of micro-needling tools like Derma-stamps or Derma-pens can perform smaller spot treatments.

You do not have to worry much about Dermaroller treatments hurting, because the technician at your skincare clinic will begin by using a gel or other topical numbing agent to make sure the procedure will not be painful for you. However, you should expect your skin to bleed a bit directly after your Dermaroller treatment. The technician will help you to stop the bleeding with sterile gauze before you leave the clinic after your Dermaroller procedure.

Doing Dermaroller Treatment at Home

You can also choose to perform Dermaroller treatments on your own body at home. You can buy Dermaroller devices online or from certain local stores, depending on which businesses are available in your area. When selecting a Dermaroller, you need to consider the size of the needles and the thickness of the skin in the area you want to treat. For example, the skin on your face is thinner than the skin on your stomach. Dermarollers for facial use should be small and be studded with equally small needles. Larger needles are acceptable for thicker skin, but even the largest Dermaroller needles are still quite tiny, often no more than a few millimeters.

After you select a Dermaroller tool or a clinical Dermaroller treatment, you will also need to use a numbing lotion and a post-procedural medicated serum. Whether you have Dermaroller done in a skincare clinic or do it yourself at home, you should still ask a trained professional what types of serums you need. Treatment both during and after a Dermaroller procedure can vary from one person to another based on skin condition, age, and other factors.

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