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attractions for kids in Malacca

Melaka is a history filled coastal city in Southern peninsular Malaysia. Not far from Singapore, it is a popular stopover destination for those visiting the country. However, Melaka is not well-known as a family travel destination. This is truly a disservice to this beautiful city, as its river walk, lively weekend night market, varied history and walkability make it an ideal destination when traveling with kids. In addition, there are an array of things to do with children when you visit Melaka. In fact, an entire day of fun can be had at the Shore Shopping Gallery, not far from the city center. Here, you can visit many attractions for kids in Melaka like the Oceanarium, Toy Museum, 3D Interactive Park and the Sky Tower.

For a quick overview of the day of fun we spent exploring all that the Shore Shopping Gallery has to offer, check out our Youtube video below. Read on for a more in-depth look at our experience.

The Melaka Oceanarium

Our day of fun began at the Shore Oceanarium. Located on the 2nd floor of the Shore Shopping Gallery, it is an easy location to navigate to for families. Hop in a Grab car or taxi and you can be there in just a few short minutes. With a wide array of themed exhibits, you can easily spend an hour or more exploring this hands-on aquarium.

The very first exhibit you will come to within the Oceanarium is the Interactive Touch Pool, a favorite for kids. Here, they can literally get their hands on some incredible sea life. Right next to the touch pool is a tank in the wall where you can insert your hands and have little fish nibble your skin. It is a fun experience, and not one I have seen in an aquarium anywhere before.

The Oceanarium is also the first aquarium in Malaysia to add in a 3D aspect to their exhibits. You can put on your glasses for a 3D look at the rain forest, Malacca River and more! The Dangerous Marine Species exhibit gets you up close and personal to some of the most dangerous sea life in the world, and Fun and Freakish section lets you in on some little known secrets of some extraordinary sea creatures. This high tech aquarium is one of the best attractions for kids in Malacca and costs just RM 35 for adults and RM 25 for children. For more information, you can visit the Shore Oceanarium website.

The Shore Toy Museum

Another popular attraction for kids in Malacca is the Shore Toy Museum. Here, adults and children alike can come face to face with an incredible collection of toys both old and new. Room upon room of collectible toys is the stuff dreams are made of as far as kids are concerned. There are also plenty of opportunities for interactive fun and photo opps. Don't miss the hallway of storm troopers or the life-sized superheros. Try your hand at being Iron Man, and team up for a photo with an Autobot.

Located on the first floor of the Shore Shopping Gallery, you can easily access the Toy Museum after your visit to the Oceanarium. A fairly new attraction in Melaka, the Shore Toy Museum officially opened in October of 2015, and has more than 10,000 toys on exhibit including a life-sized replica of the Batman Mobile. Tickets to the Shore Toy Museum are just RM 30 for adults and RM 20 for children ages 12 and under.

The Shore 3D Interactive Park

Another newer attraction for kids in Malacca, the 3D Interactive Park also opened in October of last year. Located on level 2 of the Shore Shopping Gallery, this fun interactive 3D park is a blast for adults and children alike. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time to explore the 60 different interactive photo shoot spots within this attraction.

Climb bamboo with pandas, ride a fire breathing dragon, stand on the ceiling in the upside down house, and see what is behind the door of the spooky Room 13 in this fun filled attraction. Trust me when I tell you that you will need plenty of storage space and battery life on your camera when you visit! Tickets are RM 30 for adults and RM 20 for children ages 12 and under.

Sky Tower Malacca

Want the absolute best view of Malacca? Then a visit to the Sky Tower is a must. Sky Tower Malacca gives kids the chance to get a bird's eye view of the city, and even stand out on a glass platform 43 stories above the ground. It is the tallest man-made structure in Melaka, and gives you 360 degree views. There truly is no better way to see an overview of the city, and is best to visit during the beginning of your trip, so that you can get an overview of what the city has to offer.

Visiting during the day gives you vast breath-taking views of the city and the sea, while visiting at sunset and into the evening lets you see the city all lit up and glowing with shining lights at night. Don't forget to purchase a bag of fish food and feed the beautiful fish who live up in the rooftop pond. The cost to visit the Sky Tower Malacca is just RM 25 for adults and RM 18 for children.

With its many attractions for kids, it is possible to spend an entire day of fun at the Shore Shopping Gallery in Malacca. If you were to do all of the activities listed above, the total cost for tickets would be roughly $30 usd for adults and $21 usd for children, a great deal for an entire day of activities. For more information on these attractions and the shopping center itself, visit

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