5 Tips for Taking a Cruise with Kids

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cruise with kids

Are you planning for a cruise soon? Are you taking your kiddos with you? If so, you've come to the right place! Taking kids on any vacation can be extremely crazy and stressful, but especially on a cruise. Cruises are a ton of fun but there's a lot to plan because there are so many different cruise lines and types of cruises out there. Cruises consist of multiple locations you will need to research and the ship schedule of activities you will need to plan around. Add in your little ones and that makes for some crazy planning! I will be sharing with you a few tips and tricks for when it comes to taking a cruise with kids. 

-Plan with Them: If you're going to be taking your kiddos with you on a cruise, be sure to get their input and thoughts on the cruise location and activities they might be interested in. I mean if they are going to be brought along, they should get to have an input on where you are going and what you will be doing. It will also help them get excited for the trip, and ensure that there is less whining and stress when you are actually cruising. 

-Prep: Just like with any vacation you are going to want to prep ahead of time. So be sure to really research the various cruise lines and types of cruises that you could possibly be taking. Once you choose one, be sure to research that specific cruise.  Each cruise line lists the different information for each ship on their website. There, you can find out if there will be any shows, what restaurants or food are available, and check out the countries that your cruise will be stopping in! Make a rough schedule, but remember to also prepare for the unexpected. Having a back up plan is essential when you cruise with kids. 

-Avoid Sickness: If your children have never been on a boat you don't know if they may get sea sick or nauseous while they are on the water. So be sure to prepare for that and bring along medicine or sea sickness wristbands for kids to help prevent any discomfort. 

-Plan Activities: When cruising with kids, make sure that you find some great activities that will help them to have a good time. Nothing is worse for a child than be dragged along for a cruise that they cannot have any fun on! Research the different ships available to find out more about their kid's clubs, and the activities that each offers. Have a list of activities available for your child to choose from, especially if they are older. Also think about bringing an activity pack from home for down times, or when they do not feel like participating in the coordinated activities. 

-Bring a Babysitter: If you feel you need some extra help while cruising with kids, try to bring along a responsible family friend or older niece or nephew, someone that can watch after the kiddos while you get some time away. Although most ships have great kid's clubs and built in babysitting available, it is only open during certain hours, plus your child might enjoy some one on one time with a babysitter or family member doing something like swimming instead of being in the kid's club at times. 

Cruising with your kids doesn't have to be stressful, using tips like these, you can make things much easier on yourself, and will allow everyone to have a really great cruising experience. 

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