Hopping Into Spring with Healthy Family Habits #AnniesSpring

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Healthy family habits

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Annie's and Publix, all opinions are my own. 

Spring has sprung here in Florida and Easter is just under a week away. With everyone working on Spring Cleaning their homes, I thought it would also be a great time to Spring Clean some of our family habits and introduce some new healthy alternatives. Spring is a time of new beginnings, and I thought I would share a few of the small changes we are making in an effort to create new healthy family habits!

Daily Family Walks

It seems a shame to know we have a huge walking/bike trail just around the corner from the house and that we never use it. That is all changing this spring. The boys and I have been making an effort to get out and walk every day while the weather is still so nice and pleasant. It is the perfect time to really get to talk to each other and enjoy some family time together, while also getting some exercise. 

Getting Plenty of Rest

This is a change that has been easy to enact since we homeschool. We do not generally get up super early in the morning, and the boys have a bedtime of 11pm on weeknights. However, we had been letting them stay up as late as they wanted on Friday and Saturday nights. This led to them sleeping in way too late the entire weekend, so we have trimmed up our schedule to allow for plenty of rest, even on the weekends. Now, the boys can stay up as late as they want one night on the weekend, but the rest of the time, they do have a set schedule for when they go to sleep. 

Healthier Eating Habits

Before I got pregnant with the surrogate baby last August, I had been counting calories online to try and lose some of my extra weight. When I became pregnant, I worked really hard to maintain healthy eating habits for myself so that I wouldn't gain too much during the pregnancy. While it worked well for me, I didn't really change the boy's eating habits during this time.

Now that the surro-baby has been born and I am continuing to work on my weight loss, I thought it would be a great time to introduce some new healthy eating habits for the whole family. Luckily, Annie's natural and organic products are available at my local Publix store, so there is no need for me to visit a specialty store, I can get healthier options for my family along with our regular weekly grocery list all in one place.

Right in time for Spring Healthy Habits, you can get some great deals on your favorite Annie's natural and organic products. In fact, you could easily stock up on some great snacking and meal essentials from Annie's at Publix. I stopped to pick up a few breakfast, lunch and snack essentials today, and am happy to be able to serve my boys products that are natural and organic.

Are you thinking of introducing some new healthy family habits for your family this spring? Feel free to share any healthy changes your family has made in the comment section below. 

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