15 Super Cool Sponge Activities for Kids

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sponge activities for kids

I know that that pesky groundhog predicted more winter weather, but it's never too early to start planning for fun outdoor crafts and activities for warmer weather months. This list of 15 super cool sponge activities for kids includes a wide range of both indoor and indoor crafts/activities that can be made with a simple sponge. How fun is that? Let the kids' imaginations run wild with these squishy and colorful craft ideas!

1. Sponge Bombs via Crazy Adventures in Parenting 

2. Sponge and Duct Tape Bath Boats via The Craft Train 

3. Make Your Own Sponge Blocks via Inner Child Fun 

4. Sponge Towers via Toddler Approved 

5. DIY Sponge Brush via Handmade Kids Art 

6. Absorption Science Water Experiment via Little Bins for Little Hands 

7. Grow Sprouts on a Sponge via Housing a Forest 

8. Pretend Sweets Made with Sponges via Inner Child fun 

9. Butterfly Sponge Magnets via The Craft Train 

10. Water Transfer with a Sponge via Wildflower Ramblings 

11. Make a Sponge Lei via One Crazy House 

12. Sponge Bowling with Word Families via Toddler Approved 

13. Sponges in the Water Table via Things to Share and Remember 

14. Air Pressure Experiment via Kids Activities Blog 

15. Sponge Relay via I Can Teach My Child

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