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Warner Brothers Studio Tour London

When I made the decision to take the boys to London, one attraction that was on the top of my list to take them to was the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter. My boys grew up with Harry Potter and all of the wonder and magic that came along with it. To be able to walk through actual sets, see the real props and experience the wonder of all 8 movies up close and personal was like a dream come true. This London attraction is not to be missed if you are traveling with kids or adults who are die-hard Harry Potter fans!

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour is actually located in Leavesden which is about 20 minutes North of London itself. We took the train and it was super easy to just get off at the Watford Junction station. From there, there are regular shuttles that run for 2.50 pounds round trip to the studio itself. The whole process was really simple and inexpensive when traveling via public transportation.

The Making of Harry Potter tour began with a short line where you were then lead into a small theater area. Once you have viewed a short film about the movies, sets, props, etc. the real fun begins. The tour officially begins as the doors of Hogwarts open leading you into the Great Hall itself. This is the actual set used in the movies and it is absolutely surreal to stand there and view it in person. Located along the tables and at the head of the room are the actual costumes that were worn during the film as well as relics like the Sorting Hat.

Throughout the tour, you are led through two sound stages as well as a backlot that are absolutely filled with sets like Hagrid's hut, the Potions Classroom complete with Professor Snape, and Dumbledore's office, as well as have the chance to see props like the Triwizards Cup, the deluminator and so so much more. There really are no words for the level of geekdom I reached during this tour. The tour is self paced, so you are free to take as much time as you like looking around and exploring on your own. 

Halfway through the tour, you will have the chance to grab some food or drinks from the cafe area. This is also one of only three places in the world where you can get authentic Butterbeer. Having had it at Universal Orlando, the boys insisted that we try it here as well, and it is every bit as delicious. Butterbeer ice cream is also on offer here too.

The outside area features the Knight bus, the Hogwarts Bridge, 4 Privet Drive as well as other large props and sets. A smaller scale mock up of Hogwarts is the highlight at the end of the tour as well as the ability to pose with a trolley at Platform 9 3/4 and shop in the Studio Shot for authentic Harry Potter merchandise.

The Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter is generally open 7 days a week throughout the year with a few exceptions for holiday breaks. Tour times vary as well, so it is best to check the official calendar on their website for full details. Tour tickets are available beginning at 39 pounds for adults and 31 pounds for children, discounts are available if you book tickets online, and a family of four pass is just 126 pounds.

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