Creating a Website is Now as Easy as Social Media with The Grid

6:21 PM

When I first started blogging 6+ years ago, the resources available to allow you to easily and effortlessly design a website did not exist like they do today. There was in-depth coding to learn, CSS, HTML, all manner of headache-inducing beasts. Luckily, starting and designing a website takes little more effort than posting to social media with unique tools that adapt to your content with ease, like The Grid.

The Grid is a new website design startup that allows anyone to create a website in minutes using an artificial intelligence (Al)-driven software to help you design and run a website that conforms to and highlights your content needs.

Using The Grid is simple. Just sign up, choose a name, your color scheme and then you are in business. How many times do you find yourself posting your ideas, thoughts and latest trends to a social media site like Facebook? Why not harness your creative power and turn it into a site that can help you reach an audience all your own and even make money?

Once you've chosen a name and your color scheme, you just need to add content to start designing the website of your dreams. As content is added, design options become innumerable, including allowing you to add site navigation, switch through layouts and even accommodate multi-user collaboration.

Starter packages which include the management of one site start at just $8 a month and include one free custom domain name. Want more than one site? The pro level package allows up to 10 sites at just $1.20 per site per month or $144 a year. There has never been an easier way to start your own website, so what are you waiting for? A free domain and unlimited resources to help turn your ideas into reality, sign up today!

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