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London is an exciting and bustling city to visit with kids. Few London attractions offer the pure wow factor of the London Eye. From the moment the boys first set eyes on it while walking along the Thames on our first night, they were begging to go for a spin. Of course, I was more than happy to oblige and on our fourth day in town when the weather was just perfect, we finally took a ride on the incredible London Eye.

The London Eye stands at an impressive 135m, making it "the world's largest cantilevered observation wheel," even beating out its cousin in Orlando here in the states. If you are scared of heights, don't automatically rule out this beauty. It may be high, but the enclosed capsules make you feel like you are in an actual room with a view. The movement of the wheel is almost undetecible as it takes about a half hour to make one full revolution. Looking out at the horizon, you hardly know you are on a spinning wheel in the sky at all.

The boarding process is simple, but I do recommend getting the fast track option when purchasing your tickets, as lines can get pretty long during busy tourist times. If you want to forgo that option, visiting in quieter Fall or Winter months and during a weekday afternoon is your best bet for avoiding the crowd. We went with the fast track option, and were on in a matter of minutes, with only two other families in our capsule.

To say that the London Eye provides the best view in the city is no exaggeration. We were on Tower Bridge and a number of other viewing points during our trip, and nothing beat the 360 degree views that the London Eye allowed us.

There are directions printed on the ceiling of each capsule so that you can tell what direction you are looking in, to help you find notable landmarks, and there are interactive iPads along the walls that provide viewing information as well.

After your ride on the London Eye, be sure to head inside to catch the included 4D movie. There is also a photo opp available inside should you want to commemorate your visit.

The London Eye is open daily, but the times change seasonally, so be sure to check their website for the latest information. Tickets start at $21.20 for adults and $16.95 for children ages 3-15 when purchased online and include one 30 minute revolution on the London Eye as well as the 4D movie experience.

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