Planning a Family Friendly Trip to Bali, Indonesia #Travel

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One of the places I have always longed to visit is Bali, Indonesia. In fact, next year after the surrogate baby is born the boys and I will head off on our year of travel, and Bali is at the top of our travel list. How could it not be? It is a virtual paradise on Earth with its beautiful beaches, hidden wonders and rich history. Below are some tips to consider when planning your family friendly trip to Bali, Indonesia.

Where to Stay

Finding the right place to stay in Bali as a family can be a bit tricky. Not all options offer accommodations for families, and you want to be sure to choose a location that is a great jumping off point for exploring the entire island. Grand Inna Kuta is a wonderful choice for families. Not only are they located in central Kuta, Indonesia, close to beaches, shopping and attractions, but they are in a perfect location to explore the greater area of Bali itself. To learn more about Grand Inna Kuta, just click here

Family Friendly Attractions

Kuta itself is a popular beach town. Take a family trip to Kuta Beach, soak up the sun and enjoy a day of lounging and water sports. Less than an hour outside of Kuta is Ubud. If peach and quiet is what you're after, than the rice terraces of Ubud are just what you need. Families will especially enjoy the Ubud Monkey Forest, where you can walk among the mischievous monkeys and even purchase food to feed them as a treat. Be careful though, they can get aggressive and it is a good idea to secure all of your personal items before entering. 

Take the family on a real live adventure by climbing Mt. Batur, and active volcano. Trekking up the side of the volcano is a popular activity in the early morning hours to catch a breathtaking sunrise from the top. 

Sanur is a popular location for diving and snorkeling. The sea life you can glimpse while snorkeling the clear waters of Bali are truly amazing. Even younger children can snorkel safely, and it provides a thrilling and educational day of activity for the whole family. 

On the North coast of Bali, take a day trip to Lovina Beach to watch the dolphins frolic and play. While there, stop by the Banjar Hot Spring, which boasts three public pools that maintain a steady temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. 

Take a cultural day tour as a family to visit a few of Bali's many temples. Many of these temples are located in some of the most beautiful areas of the country, making it a great opportunity to photos, but for educational opportunities for kids as well. 

Bali is a mysterious land that is full of wonderful new experiences for the whole family to enjoy together. I hope to write a more comprehensive guide of our travels once we have visited for ourselves. Have you been to Bali? Share your favorite family friendly activities below. 

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