Be Courageous, Be Dynamic and Help Support Bullying Prevention with CustomInk T-shirts #BeGoodToEachOther

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One out of every four children report being bullied during the school year. That is 22 percent of children who will leave the house to go to school each day in fear of what others might say or do to them. This is a topic that hits home for me, because I was one of those 22 percent. I dreaded going to school each day and was bullied and teased relentlessly.


As a mother, there are few things that have been more important to me than teaching my boys to be kind and loving people who are accepting of everyone’s differences. It is this driving force of bullying prevention and education of inclusion that is going to help make a change in schools nationwide. This is why I have teamed up with CustomInk to share information on their sixth annual Be Good To Each Other campaign, in which they strive to unite people of all ages by encouraging them to custom bullying prevention t-shirts to promote kindness, acceptance and inclusion.


Now through October 31st, CustomInk will donate profits from the sale of their awesome bullying prevention t-shirts to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, up to $100,000! PACER’s Bullying Prevention Center was founded in 2006, and strived to lead social change through education by providing resources for parents, students and educators on teaching bullying prevention through inclusion.


CustomInk has teamed up with a group of top influencers including actor Elias Harger, recording artist Jackson Harris, actress Lizzy Greene and others to design a line of limited edition bullying prevention t-shirts that reinforce self-worth and promote acceptance. These t-shirts include messages like:

  • Be Daringly Different
  • Be Dynamic
  • Be Bold
  • Be Unbreakable

I sported a few of the designs this week around town to help support Bullying Prevention. Not only are the designs awesome, but they help promote and support a cause that is near and dear to my own heart. Plus, the shirts are uber soft and comfy, making this pregnant ladies super happy!



Jump on board and take your stand to promote Bullying Prevention with CustomInk’s Be Good to Each Other by purchasing one or more of these limited edition influencer-designed t-shirts. Remember, now through October 31st, profits will go to support PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center. Want to get creative? You can even design Bullying Prevention t-shirts of your own with the CustomInk Be Good To Each Other Design Templates. Shirts range from $12-$27 support a great cause and would make wonderful gifts for the upcoming holiday season *wink* *wink*. Are you ready to stand up and promote Bullying Prevention?

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