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This post is brought to you in collaboration with Poise Impressa, all opinions are my own. 

A few months ago I wrote a post about the most frequently asked questions I get about being a gestational surrogate. However, I did not mention that I was or would possibly be doing another surrogacy. Turns out, I am, and I am so happy to announce that we are officially pregnant!

I am working with the same set of intended parents as I did last time (I delivered their little girl four years ago.) On August 3rd, we transferred one remaining little frozen embryo, and wallah, we have a baby. It sounds much easier than it is actually. In fact, I have been on daily shots, sometimes 2 daily shots and multiple medications for almost two months now. I still have 28 days to go! Today though, I had my first ultrasound and say that little 6 week 5 day old heart beating away at 124 beats per minute. That all made this pregnancy very real to me, and I decided I better start gathering my "must have" pregnancy supplies.

Every pregnant women has that list of items that she could never survive a pregnancy without. I am no different. Over the course of being pregnant with my boys, the last surrobaby and getting older, my needs have changed a bit, but some staples remain. So, after the ultrasound, when I learned once and for all "This is not a drill," I stopped by Walmart to pick up some supplies. What did I get?

Cocoa butter is a must. I know it is early, but I don't want any more stretch marks than I am already blessed with, so in the basket it went. Some new anti nausea over the counter medicine was on my list to pick up too, after some other surrogates swore by it. One bar of chocolate. Yes, I said one. I am dedicated to getting through this pregnancy as healthy as possible, but this is emergency chocolate people. The glass will be broken and the chocolate will be used when an emergency arises. A heating pad, because progesterone in oil causes big ole lumps on your rear if you don't sit on the heating pad after. Saltines were on my shopping list. Over the last few days, morning sickness has been making an appearance, so I am trying to ward it off.

One of the newest additions to my pregnancy survival list is a product I have been using for a while now, and that I have written about here on the blog in the past, Impressa Bladder Supports from Poise. I know, this is not something that everyone is comfortable talking about, but trust me, I know I am not the only one who suffers from light bladder leakage problems after five pregnancies. Now that I am on my sixth, I only see the situation escalating. 

If you have not tried Impressa Bladder Supports before, they are a saving grace. The easy to use Sizing Kit available at Walmart allows you to try a variety of sizes to see which works best for you. After that, you can purchase your dedicated size at Walmart and get back to doing all of the activities you might have been too embarrassed to do before. Trampoline or Zumba anyone?  

In addition to officially being pregnant with a new surrobaby, I am heading overseas on our first International trip to London, Paris and Venice next week! Impressa Bladder Supports along with some of these other products will be making the trip with me to make sure I stay as comfortable, confident and happy as possible in this first trimester of pregnancy!

What goes in your pregnancy survival kit?

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