Home Décor and Security Tips to Make Your Rental Feel More Like Your Own

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While renting has its advantages, it can often be frustrating knowing that you’re in a property that is not your own. There are typically rules and regulations you must follow and sometimes, that can make it hard for you to really feel “at home” and not simply renting out someone else’s place. Although you must oblige by the requirements of your lease agreement, there are things that you can do in your rental space to make it feel like it’s your own.

Review Your Agreement Entirely

Before you start decorating or changing things around in your rental space, it is important that you review your lease agreement in its entirety. Review it thoroughly to ensure that you remain in compliance with the landlord’s request. This will prevent a disagreement with your landlord, or being told you cannot have something that you’ve already invested time and money into. It will also ensure you don’t get evicted for breach of contract.

Get Coverage

Whether you live in a rental home, condo, or apartment building, it is important that you invest in your own insurance coverage. As you start putting decorative items, furniture, and other personal belongings in the home, you want to know that should something go wrong (poor plumbing, fire, burglary, etc.) that your belongings are covered. A comprehensive renters insurance policy provides just that type of coverage and can give you peace of mind.

Home Security

For some renters who happen to live in a heavily populated area or community with other renters, insecurity can quickly set in. You want to feel safe and as if no one can enter your property without your knowledge. If security is your issue, you can always add front door security features. Whether you install little noise makers to the front door so you can hear if someone enters, or invest in a full-on security system complete with 24-hour monitoring service, having that peace of mind can really make you feel more at home. As always, be sure to discuss this with your landlord to ensure you’re not overlooking necessary requirements.

Decorate the Walls

One of the most common restrictions in a rental unit is the walls. Some landlords and property managers don’t like the idea of changing the paint color and/or hammering nails into the walls to hang up pictures. Obviously, nails for pictures and shelves can result in damaged sheet rock and holes in the wall, while a vibrant paint color costs them to cover up should you decide to move out.

There are ways around this, however. For instance, if you’re not allowed to paint the walls, you can instead invest in removable wallpaper. There are various prints, colors, and styles for you to choose from and it won’t cause damage to the walls or existing paint should you move. Likewise, investing in hanging apparatuses or heavy duty adhesive would allow you to hang up pictures and other decorative features without putting holes in the wall.

Area Rugs

While you may not be able to install wall-to-wall carpeting on your tiled or hardwood rental floors, you can make a space feel warmer by investing in a few area rugs. You can get them to match your furniture to tie in your personal style.

Replace Hardware

When you live in a rental unit that looks identical to the other tenants, it can make your space feel less like home. The same wall color, doors, and cabinets take away from the uniqueness of your living space. If you want to stand out from the others, you can simply swap out hardware to make your space look more unique. Changing the handles on cabinets and doors allows you the creative expression you’re looking for. Just be sure to hold onto all the original hardware as you will likely have to replace it once you move.

While the property may not be in your name, it is your home and you should be able to feel comfortable. Again, staying in compliance with the lease you agreed to is top priority, but there are ways to still make your rental space feel comfortable as if it were your own home. Hopefully, these security and home décor tips have given you some ideas on how to make your humble abode feel warm and inviting. 

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