Gold Brushed Makeup Storage #DIY

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If you're like me, your makeup brushes and supplies can normally be found spread all over the bathroom counter or shoved into a drawer. All of the commercial holders are generally made of plastic and are far from appealing. So, a few weeks ago I decided to create some DIY makeup and brush holders so that I could organize all of my supplies and get rid of clutter in my bathroom. Check out the short tutorial below to learn how to make some of the inexpensive gold brushed holders for yourself.

DIY Makeup Storage


Various sizes of terra cotta pots
A larger paint brush
Acrylic pain in your color of choice
Metallic gold paint or glaze (I used one from Martha Stewart.)
Paper towels
Hot glue gun
Terra cotta pot base (optional if you want to create a lid)
Wooden nobs (optional if you want to create a handle of your lid)


1. Lay out some newspaper to protect your table or painting surface.

2. Layer a solid color acrylic paint on your brush and then dab some off on a paper towel.

3. Brush a thin layer of acrylic paint all over your terra cotta pots. You can do a bit onto the inside lip of the pot too, if you like. Do not paint the entire pot solid, the beauty of these pots is in the shabby chic effect that a random thin coating gives them.

4. If you have decided to make any lids for your pots, take the terra cotta pot bases and paint them in the same manner. Let the paint dry completely and then hot glue the wooden handles to the top center of each lid.

5. Once the first coat of paint is dry, layer some metallic gold paint or glaze on your brush and dab some off on a paper towel. Use the same method to paint on some wispy thin layers of gold on your pots.

6. Let everything dry and sit over night before use, and enjoy!

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