A Fridge That Encourages You to Drink Water? - My new GE Refrigerator with Autofill Pitcher #MyGEKitchen

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I have no idea how old our refrigerator was when we moved into this house 9 years ago, but it wasn't new. It also wasn't anything to write home about. It either froze things solid or didn't keep them fresh. It was obviously time for a new fridge, but finding a regular top-freezer refrigerator to fit into the pre-cut area in our kitchen and that fit out needs was proving difficult. That is until the GE Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Autofill Pitcher came along. 

The GE Refrigerator with Autofill Pitcher from Best Buy had everything we needed, reversible drawers, ample storage, the right dimensions, a sleek design and a nifty autofill pitcher that encourages the whole family to drink more water. How does it do that? By providing fresh, filtered water that is cold and available 24/7 right inside the door of the fridge, plus it refills itself each time you put it back on its platform!

As awesome as the autofill pitcher is, it is not the first thing I fell in love with on this GE fridge sent over from Best Buy. In fact, the first thing I fell in love with were the reversible doors! For years I have been bending backwards to avoid being hit by the fridge door because of the arrangement of our kitchen and the inability of our old fridge doors to be mounted on either side. The second thing I fell in love with is the color of the side of the fridge. Our old one of course was all white. The GE Refrigerator with Autofill Pitcher has a stainless steel finish on the front with is a super modern look, plus it is black on the sides! Moms who have boys will really really appreciate why I fell in love with this feature. 

In addition to the cosmetic aspects that I fell in love with instantly, this GE Top-Freezer Refrigerator has a lot of other features that make it perfect for our family. There are a ton of great storage options with this fridge, and although it was the same size as our old one, it really maximizes space inside. The produce drawers have ideal settings for fruits, vegetables or a mixture of the two.

The door has tons of storage, and the small shelf at the bottom of the door is perfect for shakes, squeezable yogurt and other small snacks that the boys enjoy. 

Of course, the greatest feature of the this fridge is the Auto-Fill Pitcher itself. It has awesome water filtration set up with a replaceable AFPWF filter that is NSF-certified to reduce chlorine taste and odor. We have a well, but just knowing that we have that extra level of filtration makes the water taste that much better. There is an indicator in the refrigerator that lets you know when it is time to replace your filter too, so you never forget!

The Auto-Fill pitcher is super cool, and fills itself automatically as soon as you place it up against it's dock in the fridge. The boys found the whole process super cool, and now that there is cold, fresh water ready and waiting in the fridge, I see them reaching for it more often and avoiding sugary drink options. I quit caffeine in preparation for the surrogate baby, and now that I am pregnant I am craving water like crazy, so the autofill-pitcher has been a godsend for me. 

In addition to the awesome fridge, the GE Top-Freezer Refrigerator with Auto-Fill Pitcher comes with a top freezer that is spacious, providing us easily with the room we need to store our food for the week. 

In the market for a new fridge? The GE Refrigerator with Auto-Fill Pitcher is available to purchase at Best Buy. It's typically $999.99, but right now it is on sale for $799.99, and amazing deal for this fridge. Plus, you can get free delivery on appliances $399 and up

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