Tips for Homeschooling Multiple Kids

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Taking on the task of homeschooling just one child can really be difficult, but when it comes to homeschooling multiple children at once...that is a real challenge! When it comes to homeschooling multiple children of different ages things can get a bit hectic and out of control. That is when you need to balance working with multiple kids and how to cater to all of their needs at the same time. Not to mention, you need to learn how to do this all without going completely crazy yourself! I will be sharing with you a few tips and tricks that make the task of homeschooling multiple children a bit easier.

Manage Your Timing: I highly recommend setting up some sort of schedule or timing situation while you are homeschooling multiple ages. For example, set up a time block for each age group for their lesson. After you teach that lesson, allow them to work on their assignments that coincide with that lesson as you move on to teaching the next age group. Take the time to have a little one on one session with each child to ensure that they are fully understanding the lesson of the day.

Independent Learning: Another great tool to utilize is independent learning. A lot of times kids are able to actually get onto the computer or read their textbook to teach themselves the lesson. Be sure to teach your kids how to comprehend things on their own, and if they are in need of your assistance, they are still able to ask you about it. This gives you the timing and opportunity to work with another child as they are teaching and working on their own.

Try to Combine Lessons as Often as Possible: Not always, but sometimes, if your children are close in age their lessons may be similar for the day. Teaching multiple children is a great time to take advantage of that. If you are able to combine their lessons and teach to them all at once, do that! 

Stay Organized: Organization is going to be your best friend when it comes to homeschooling multiple children. You will definitely want to keep everything separated and in order. This will help you to handle everything for each subject with each child. If you get everything all out of order and a mess, trust me things will be much more difficult and you will be stressed out trying to handle it all!

I know that even the thought of homeschooling multiple children is a bit scary and overwhelming. I didn't think it was possible either but if it is really something that you want for your kids and you work hard and stay organized, it becomes easier as you go and it is definitely worth it! Being involved in your children's education is such a rewarding job!

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