Summer at the Rock and 4th of July Weekend at Stone Mountain #FamilyTravel

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On the way to our family reunion in West Virginia, our first stop was Stone Mountain Park in Georgia, just a short drive outside Atlanta. We had visited the park a few years ago, but were wanting to experience "Summer at the Rock," and celebrate the 4th of July weekend with their extended fireworks display after their always spectacular laser light show.

Summer at the Rock

In addition to their regular attractions and shows, Stone Mountain Park breaks out an extra dose of fun for the kids with their "Summer at the Rock" festivities located throughout the park. June to July 31st families can take part in additional activities and attractions with a fun summer theme. From Splash's Super Soakin' Parade to the designated rest stops where adults and kids alike can recharge in the air conditioning, Stone Mountain has really put thought into how to beat the heat and make the park even more enjoyable in the hot summer months.

Attraction Favorites

Stone Mountain Park offers wholesome family attractions for all ages with an outdoor adventure feel. The Sky Hike has a regular and kid's size version that makes climbing through the trees like monkeys a breeze. The rock wall is always a favorite of my oldest, and he made it to the top on both sides like a champ!

The 18-hole miniature golf course is the perfect respite for an afternoon fun break when the lines get long or the kids are getting low on steam.

My boys also still love the Great Barn. This fun-filled zone not only features air conditioned seating for the adults, but it has four floors of ball flying fun for kids. Trampoline floors, ball-shooting guns and interactive games make this a fun stop for all ages.

The Summit Sky Ride is of course a must when visiting Stone Mountain Park. This gondola ride will take you to the top of Stone Mountain itself, with magnificent views of the iconic carving on the way up and views of the surrounding land and even Atlanta when you reach the top.

Take a ride on the train to experience the history and sites of the Stone Mountain Park. The train encircles the park, and relays facts about the sights and history.

In the summer, it is necessary to keep cool. Kids can do that without much trouble at the Geyser Towers®. This fun water themed playscape is a blast for kids and adults alike. Bring a change of clothes if your little ones are fussy about walking around wet.

Laser Spectacular in Mountainvision®

The Stone Mountain Park's Laser Spectacular has always been incredible, but now, with a recent upgrade it is better than ever. Featuring a new Star Wars themed section that really gets the crowd going, it is a spectacular show of color, light, sound fireworks and of course, lasers that you won't want to miss.

One of the best places to experience the show is from the VIP reserved terrace seats. For just a small upgrade to your Adventure Pass admission, you can get a reserved seat on one of the terraces for the show, unlimited popcorn and a beverage. We were in the Missouri section at the very top of the field and the view was absolutely perfect, with nothing in our way.

Since we were at Stone Mountain Park on July 3rd we were lucky enough to take advantage of their special 4th of July fireworks taking place after the regular laser light show each night July 1st-4th. These is not your average firework display, the burst of color, light and sound literally did not stop once from start to finish. Definitely an inspiring way to spend the 4th of July weekend.

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