Unique Ways to Interact with Five Favorite Disney Characters #DisneyWorld

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Traveling to Disney can be an AMAZING experience. Most people stand in line sometimes for hours only to get a quick snapshot with a character. The characters will all spend a little bit of time interacting with you. Don’t waste your opportunity to make your vacation a little bit more magical. Try one or two of these ideas the next time you run into the Fave Five for a unique character interaction. 

Mickey Mouse

1. Ask him to do the Hot Dog Dance with you.

2. Tell him you met Minnie or will meet Minnie.

3. Tell him Donald Duck is your favorite.

4. Ask him what his favorite Disney movie is.

Donald Duck

1. Let him know that Mickey Mouse is your favorite.

2. Ask him why he doesn’t have his own clubhouse,

3. Tell him he’s your favorite,

4. Tell him you saw Daisy or will see her.


1. Ask him if he goes for walks.

2. Has he seen Mickey lately.

3. Play peek-a- boo with him.

4. Ask if he does all his own stunts.

Minnie Mouse

1. Ask her to twirl with you.

2. Tell her that Mickey Mouse said hi.

3. Tell her how much you love her Bowtique.

4. Ask if her and Mickey will ever get married.

Daisy Duck

1. Ask her to show you her dance moves.

2. Ask Daisy to marry you.

3. Tell Daisy how pretty she is.

Do you have any tips for fun character interactions at Disney World? Share them in the comments below!

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