Planning an RV Trip? You Don't Want to Miss These Tips #InTheNation

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Nationwide provided me with information regarding its In The Nation blog post.

The weather is turning warmer, and summer is just around the corner. That means that families everywhere are preparing for their summer vacations, and many of those will be in RV's. The boys and I have gone on our fair share of camping trips and some of those have been in RV and campers as well. Unfortunately, each time we go, there seem to be items we leave home without and wish we had packed. I teamed up with Nationwide to share some tips that they have shared in their In The Nation blog post “What to Pack for an RV Trip: Don’t Forget the Basics."

Nationwide is one of the front runners in insurance for your automobile, home and life, and they have created a helpful and consumer-friendly blog site called In The Nation. Here, they share helpful tips on a variety of topics, because after all, Nationwide is on your side!

In one of their latest blog posts, they share some important tips on what you should remember to pack when heading out on your next RV trip adventure. They start with one of my top product choices, a GPS system. I can honestly tell you that I don't think the boys and I would have gotten through any of our road trips without a solid GPS system. Upgrade your current model to make sure it is able to not only tell you where to go, but alert and reroute you in the case of new roads or traffic issues. Having a model that can pick out close by campgrounds or camping spots is a plus as well. 

Other tips include bringing a 50 foot extension cord instead of the standard 25 foot cord, bringing disposable gloves for the emptying of dirty water or waste, refreshing your first aid pack and remembering power adapters for all your tech products as well as toting along emergency items such as flares and a tire pressure gauge. These are all invaluable tips that can save you from emergencies on the road, unpleasant experiences and from wasting money having to buy them while traveling.

The Nationwide In The Nation blog post also points out the simple things that are important to pack for your RV trip, but which are simple to forget. These items include toilet paper, trash bags, scissors, reading material, sewing thread and other necessities that may not seem super important, but that can come in handy when on the road. 

Planning an RV trip is great fun, and it can be an incredible experience to be on the road with friends and family, but it is important to remember to pack the necessary items. I encourage you to stop by the In The Nation site to read the full article What to Pack for an RV Trip: Don’t Forget the Basics

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