Balance Learning and Technology Use for Kids with #TOPsBalance

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of TOPs Balance for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

According to a recent CNN story that included results from a poll conducted by Common Sense Media, 59% of parents claim their teens suffer from cell phone addiction. In that same poll 50% of teens themselves state that they feel they are attached to their cell phones. I know that as a parent of several teens myself, technology addiction is something I worry about often. With more and more technological advances and gadgets being created each year, I strive to instill a healthy balance in my children's lives.

Creating a Healthy Balance with the TOPs Balance App

The TOPs Balance app is a new innovative app that helps parents create a balance between learning and technology use for their children in a seamless and effortless way. According to a recent NBC news story, teens are spending nine hours a day in front of screens on average. Now that summer has arrived, retaining knowledge and developing a healthy balance between learning and cell phone use is even more important.

The TOPs Balance App allows parents to set a short 10 second burst of learning every time their child's device is unlocked. Parents can add children to the TOPs Balance app account, set their grade level, and each time they unlock their device, they will be presented with learning facts covering a variety of topics including history, science and vocabulary. 

Signing up is as simple as downloading the app, adding children to the profile and setting the intensity level. You can set it to low-intensity, that offers a persuasive option to partake in a 10-second knowledge burst. Or, you can set it to high intensity like me, and make the 10-second knowledge burst of learning mandatory with each screen unlock.

The TOPs Balance app is the perfect option for parents looking to create a healthy balance between learning and technological fun for their children. The 10-second knowledge bursts are not imposing and can even be fun. Download the TOPs Balance App at the introductory cost of $2.99 today on Google Play or in the App Store.

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