7 Languages You Can Learn for Free this Summer with Amazon Underground #Travel

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In September, the boys and I will be heading out on an "Around the world" trip starting in Southeast Asia. There is nothing I love more than traveling, experiencing new places and immersing myself in new cultures. Getting to share these experiences with my boys is an added bonus. One of the best ways to quickly immerse yourself in a culture is to learn a bit of the local language. Not only does it make it easier to communicate immediately once you arrive, but it allows you to actually have some semblance of a conversation with locals. Unfortunately, language learning apps and programs can be quite costly, but with the help of  the Amazon Underground App for Android phones, learning these 7 languages is 100% free! So, if you are traveling and looking to pick up a bit of the local language check out the details below.

What is Amazon Underground? 

Amazon Underground is an app that can be downloaded to your Android mobile device. It is available to residents of the United States, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, and allows you to have access to Amazon video and 100% free apps and games, some of which would cost you a lot of money through regular app stores.

The Amazon Underground app combines the amazing Amazon shopping experience with the ability to stream Amazon Instant Video and "actually free" apps, games and in-app items too. When the boys and I head overseas this Fall, they will each have a Kindle Fire, which works with Amazon Underground as well. There are so many ways I can see this app coming in handy for us. From the ability to let them watch movies on a long-haul flight, to fun time-wasting games for long waits at attractions with no worries of the price of in-app purchases, this is our new favorite travel tool!

Learn 7 Languages for Free This Summer

When I was doing some searching on the Amazon Underground app, I came across quite a few language learning apps that would normally cost $4.99 each, but were absolutely free with Amazon Underground! Here are just 7 languages you can learn for free while traveling this summer with the Amazon Underground App. 








Want to start preparing for your summer travel and picking up some new language learning skills? Download the Amazon Underground app from your Android Smartphone here. Viewing this from a laptop? Go Here and follow the on-screen instructions. 
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