Why Your Community Needs an ezH2O Bottle Filling Station

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ezH2O Bottle Filling Stations for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
For a long time, water bottles were the big trend. Everywhere you looked, people were carrying a disposable water bottle in their hand, and they are still popular today. However, more and more people are beginning to see that there is a better option. More people are switching to a reusable water bottle on a daily basis, and bottle refilling stations like Elkay's ezH20 is a major contributing factor. These ezH2O bottle filling stations by Elkay make it simple for you to refill your reusable water bottle on the go, in a fast and healthy way. Check out just a few of the reasons why your community could use ezH20 bottle refilling stations by Elkay.

1. It Saves You Money

Every time that you refill your water bottle at ezH2O bottle refilling stations by Elkay, you are saving yourself money by not buying price soft drinks and juices when out and about with your family. Using a refillable water bottle is a simple way to help save money when you and your family are traveling around town.

2. Limits Waste

Think about the amount of waste we are sending to the landfill each day with the millions of disposable water bottles. Yes, they may be able to be recycled, but how many people are actually actively recycling them? ezH2O refilling stations by Elkay allow you to help keep plastic water bottles out of the environment by letting you effortlessly refill your reusable water bottle.

3. It's a Healthy Alternative

I personally will purchase soda the majority of the time when I am away from the home. However, this is just because it is the same price as a bottled water and just as convenient. If there was an ezH20 water filling station by Elkay in my community however, it would be simple for me to make a healthier choice and not only save money, but choose to refill my water bottle as a healthier option.

4. It's Hygienic and Fast

The ezH20 water filling stations by Elkay are hygienic, dispensing water that is free of air bubbles and free of possible bacteria. Plus, their electronic sensor allows you to refill your bottle "hands-free." The refilling stations also refill water bottles up to three times faster than a traditional water fountain, making them a fast way to get a refreshing drink.

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I know that an ezH20 Bottle Filling Station would be a game changer for us. We have a local bike trail that is an awesome asset to our community, but it does not have any access for filling up your water while out on the trail. A bottle refilling station would benefit our community on that trail in so many ways. Want to learn more and see how the ezH2O bottle filling stations by Elkay have positively impacted a California school district? just visit their site today!

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