Top 10 Social Care Blogs to Keep You Up to Date

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Social care is a diverse and exciting job, where no two days are the same and you can gain genuine satisfaction from having a positive impact on the lives of people in need. There is no doubt, however, that social work is a sector in which new government initiatives and social issues can have a large impact. For newly-qualified workers in social care jobs, the pace of public policy changes and new paperwork and directives can all feel overwhelming. With long days and heavy case studies, how can you keep abreast of new developments without creating more work for yourself? Blogs are a fantastic way to keep up-to-date: easy-to-read, humorous and often heartfelt, they can be read on the train or bus on a tablet or smartphone without you feeling like you're working. Here we have put together the top 10 best social blogs out there - get ready to subscribe!

1. The Social Work Blog 

Dealing with everything from pay to the latest news in the social care sector, The Social Work Blog is a must for anyone working in social care jobs in the UK.

2. Social Care Blog 

Written by social care journalist Dan Parton, the Social Care Blog explores the fundamental issues of the sector, asking tough questions and writing probing content.

3. Beth Britton

One of the most-followed dementia blogs in the world, Beth writes sensitively and from personal experience about one of the biggest issues facing the UK's health and social care services today.

4. Social Care Worker

Primarily aimed at those working in elderly care, the Social Care Worker blogs about policy issues affecting geriatric care.

5. Secret Social Worker

The Secret Social Worker blogs on topical issues surrounding child protection in the UK. Blog posts are informative and detailed, and give cause for thought and discussion.

6. Martin Webber's Blog 

Writing from the point of view of an academic, this professor of social work aims to create open channels of communication between the intellectual and practice fields of social working.

7. The Social Care Elf 

As part of the humorous but punchy National Elf Service blog, the Social Care Elf promises unbiased factual blogs, giving you the information you really need to know.

8. Innovate 

Dedicated to innovation and improvement in the social care sector, this blog is a great place to read and discuss ideas for how the sector will look in the future.

9. Purple Persuasion 

Reading about a sufferer's experience can be a fantastic way of gaining an insight into mental health issues. Purple Persuasion is an award-winning, hard hitting and deeply moving blog, written by a service user with bipolar.

10. Adoption UK

Following stories of adoptive families and the social workers who bring them together, this blog is a
useful insight into the protocols, processes and feelings around adopting in the UK.

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