Reclaiming My Adventurous Spirit #TryImpressa

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I love adventure, I love travel and most of all, I enjoy both of those things best when they are done with my boys. The boys and I have traveled over 365 days over the course of the last three years and have been on countless adventures together. What's the problem with that you might ask? Nothing really. Well, nothing that women generally like to admit or discuss that is.

See, when the boys and I found ourselves abandoned at a KOA in upstate New York this past Summer due to another needed van repair, we decided to take advantage of all of the amenities they had to offer. So, I ran head first in to my first embarrassing run in with Stress Urinary Incontinence or SUI. See, we had a race to see who could make it to the jumping pillow first, and of course, I won. But, what came next, I was not expecting. I began to jump on the jumping pillow, something I had not done in years, and I felt a small trickle of liquid. I immediately got off horrified. Now, this was literally a drop or two of liquid, but it was enough for me to swear off bouncing pillows forever, something my boys simply did not understand.

Then, I started to wonder. Does this happen to everyone who has spit out five babies? Am I old? What other activities will I have to avoid. I kept quiet about my problem too. I mean, who wants to announce to the world that at times due to extreme jumping up and down, they might pee themselves a little?

So, why am I talking about this rather embarrassing topic now? Because ladies, I know I am not alone. I know that there are plenty others suffering in silence afraid to ever jump, leap or maybe even dance again. Who wants to have their adventures limited by Stress Urinary Incontinence. I am here to tell you, that I have found a solution, Impressa.

Impressa is a safe and easy way to stop leaks before they happen. No more pads to soak up and accidents, don't have them in the first place with Impressa! How does it work? Impressa looks much like a tampon. You simply insert it and it helps to support your bladder. You can see an image of how it works below.

I recently stopped into Walmart to pick up an Impressa Bladder Support Sizing Kit. Impressa is available in 3 sizes. These do not pertain to your pants size and do not pertain to the amount of liquid that might leak, since Impressa stops leaks and is actually a flexible non-absorbent material. Impressa recommends that you start with size 1 and then if you still experience leaks, move up to size 2 or 3 from there.

With Impressa Bladder Supports, I feel like I have control of my body again, and I feel so much better knowing this is a comment problem for women. I don't wear them everyday, but when I am up for an extra dose of adventure with the boys or heading off to the bouncing pillow, you can bet I will be packing Impressa with me!

Want to be free of worry from Stress Urinary Incontinence and reclaim your adventurous spirit? Stop by your local Walmart to pick up am Impressa Bladder Support Sizing Kit with a $4 off coupon included inside.

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