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As a mom, I always want to provide my kids with a nutritious lunch, but part of that is making lunchtime fun. Some of my boys love fruits and vegetables, so it's easy to get them to eat a balanced meal. Some of them love fruit, but have sworn off vegetables all together. That's where a mom has to get creative. Del Monte® understands the battle, and has come up with Del Monte® Fruit & Veggie Fusions to help moms create a fun and tasty way to get a full combined serving of fruits and vegetables in every delicious cup.

I recently found out about this product, and was challenged to create a fun Super Lunch for my boys. I wanted to include the Del Monte® Fruit & Veggie Fusions because it is indeed a super way to get kids to eat more vegetables. What is it? It is a delicious cup of fruit packed in lightly sweetened veggie and fruit juice. How incredible is that? Better yet, there is one full combined serving of fruits and veggies in each cup! In keeping with the awesome Del Monte® brand, there are no artificial colors or flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup either.

I decided to go along with the fun theme of the super Del Monte® Fruit & Veggie Fusions, I would create an Avengers themed bento lunch for the boys. My youngest loves Avengers, so this was perfect for him.

Inside the lunch, I made a ham and cheese Hulk sandwich and used my bento lunch letters to cut out the word "Hulk" in the bread. You can't have an Avengers lunch without a nod to Thor, so I created these fun hammers out of cheese blocks and pretzel sticks.

Lastly, I topped off the Del Monte® Fruit & Veggie Fusions fruit cup with an IronMan Themed Super Hero note, and called it a day. I purchased the Peach Mango variety, but they also have other delicious combinations like Cherry Fruit Trio and Apple Pear Watermelon.

The boys were thrilled with their Super Hero lunches and I was thrilled knowing they were getting their veggies and didn't even know!

Want to be a super mom and serve up a combined serving of fruits and veggies in every serving of Del Monte® Fusions? Stop by to enter the #SharetheSuper sweepstakes for your chance to win super prizes each week! To enter, share a photo or video of your kid's super moment using the hashtags #SharetheSuper and #Sweepstakes.

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This post is brought to you in collaboration with Del Monte®, all opinions are my own. 

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