When Cats Help Decorate for Christmas + #Giveaway

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Friskies Pull ’n Play for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Christmas is just a few short weeks away, and we are already preparing for the holidays in our home. Unfortunately, every year when I break out the Christmas trees, the shiny glittery ornaments and the garland, the cats seem to think I need assistance with decorating my home for the holidays.
Paws will be here there and everywhere, I will approach the tree to hang a string of lights only to have a cat pounce out out of the bushes. The miniature people in my Christmas village will be flattened by what is King Kong Cat, who insists on sleeping across the bridge of the town each evening. Strings of garland will be moved from where I painstakingly hung them and draped rather haphazardly across the floor, where apparently, our two cats think they look far better. Worse yet? They sometimes manage to get the dogs involved in their attempts to "help" decorate for Christmas.

Whether they have been naughty or nice all year, we still love to spoil them rotten, and this holiday season, we are doing just that with the Friskies Pull 'n Play Combo Pack. This innovative new way to treat and play with your cats is tons of fun, and the perfect holiday gift for your furry friends this year!

The Pull 'n Play Combo Pack features Wobbert, a wobbly cat toy that hold the all new Friskie's String Treats. This edible string treat makes play time more fun than ever for your cats. New string treats are available in 3 great flavors:
  • Chicken and Cheese Flavor
  • Salmon and Shrimp Flavor
  • Tuna and Crab Flavor

Wobbert can also hold Friskies Party Mix Treats, and each time your cat tumbles him over, he releases treats for your kitty to gobble up. The Pull 'n Play Combo Pack is a great way to make treat time fun for all the cats on your list this holiday season!

Now, when I put up the Christmas decoration, I make sure to bring out Wobbert and he helps keep the cats happy and occupied while I spruce up the house. The kids can even get in on the fun with an interactive online game that lets you play along with your cat. My youngest has a blast playing it on his Samsung Galaxy with the cats, allowing them to help him bonk mice in order to earn points.

Want to learn more? Visit the Friskies Pull ’n Play website for more information and to find a full list of online retailers.

Win It!

Want to win a Friskies Pull 'n Play Holiday Kit? Two winners will be chosen to receive a kit of their own that includes a Wobbert toy, Party Mix, Edible Strings and a Collar. To enter, just comment below letting me know how your cat has been naughty or nice this year. You can also share your story on Twitter @KBunn or on the LifeWith4BoysBlog Facebook page. The best two stories could win! Giveaway ends December 11, 2015.

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  1. My kittie has been naught. She rips all my Christmas decorations down lol

  2. My cat has been naughty, She was chasing out dog around the house

    elena150980 at yahoo dot com

  3. My kitty has been nice this year. We got him fixed and he plays nice with the dog. He sleeps with our daughter every night and gets up when she gets up. He is like her little protector.

  4. My cat has been nice this year. She is always ready to cuddle, play with other kitties and is a good eater who doesn't give us any issues. Plus, she makes a great pillow in the colder months. :)
    green-butterflies (at) hotmail (dot) com

  5. My cat Ryder has been pretty much naughty this year. She likes to pick on my other lady cat, steal the lunch meat right off my sandwich and tee-tee on the blanket in front of the TV.


  6. I have 2 cats and one is a love bug who is always good and the other, also a sweetie can be a bit naughty. He keeps me on my toes.
    cbythesea5@gmail dot com

  7. My cat has been naughty! He climbed into the kitchen sink to eat food scraps and tried climbing into the oven when it was on when I opened it to check on my cooking chicken!

  8. Want this for my friend's cat....she's been nice :)



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