Holiday Toy Gifting Just Got Easier with the Kmart #Fab15Toys of 2015!

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When I was a child, I can remember how excited I was to get out my paper and my crayons and create my Christmas wish list. There was rarely a year that passed by that Barbie's and My Little Pony's weren't at the top of that wish list. Now, watching my boys excitedly create wish lists of their own, it is just as much fun. To see the huge smiles on their faces on Christmas morning, as they unwrap the gifts they wanted most, it is intoxicating! In our house, Hot Wheels are always high on my youngest's wish list, LEGO's and NERF guns are other popular toys in our house of boys too. Kmart is making Christmas shopping a breeze again this year with the release of their Fab 15 Toys list for 2015!

Kmart boasts ridiculously awesome toys and games for kids of all ages and stages. The list, which comprises Kmart-exclusive toys and hot brands like Disney’s Frozen, Star Wars, LEGO®, Barbie™ and NERF,® is carefully curated based on industry trends, input from parents and kids, and more than 50 years of experience in knowing what toys kids love to play with and find under their Christmas trees. Check out the full list of toys included in the Kmart Fab 15 Toys list below:

Two huge boxes arrived at our house full of the Kmart Fab 15 Toys of 2015, toys that were carefully chosen by the Kmart Kid Toy Advisory Board. This is a team of kids employed by Kmart to help review some of the hottest toys and decide on the Fab 15 Toys list for the year. How cool is that? My boys couldn't wait to tear into the boys, and what was inside was every kids dream. Tons of the hottest toys that are sure to be at the top of every kid's wish list this holiday season. The boys wasted no time picking out their favorites.

I agreed to let each of the boys pick one toy each to keep, and informed them that the rest would be donated. They love helping me give back this time of year, and each Christmas season, we head down and choose children off the Angel Tree. This year, Kmart helped to make our holiday shopping for adopted angels that much easier. The boys even helped wrap the presents to be donated!

My youngest had seen a commercial for the Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage, and had been raving about it ever since. It was no surprise that that was his pick to keep. This thing is massive and incredible if you have little car lovers on your shopping list. 

It combines everything you love about all of your Hot Wheels play sets into one massive piece of car awesomeness. A gas pump that lights up and makes real noises, a fire station, helicopter launch pad, elevator, two lane race ramp, a shark that gnaws on cars as they pass by and a garage that holds up to 38 cars!

My 13 year old decided the Hulk Smash RC vehicle by Jakks Pacific was for him, and then promptly proceeded to try to Hulk Smash his brothers Hot Wheels Ultimate Garage. Yeah, living with a house full of boys is fun I tell you. This crazy RC vehicle is so much fun, can tip itself back over when it gets turned upside down and is strong enough to run outside on the grass!

I was surprised to see Matt snag the NERF Zombie Strike Doominator by Hasbro right off the bat. He didn't even give the boys a chance. It was there one minute and blasting darts at everyone in the house the next.

My 12 year old had selected the Star Wars Signature Lightsaber by Hasbro for his toy, so him and Matt thought it would be fun to have a NERF gun versus light saber battle. This is how it went down.

Having trouble deciding what to get the kids on your holiday shopping list? Stop by to see all of the Fab 15 Toys on the 2015 list along with hundreds of other exclusive toys from brands and characters kids love most!


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What's at the top of your child's wishlist this year?

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