Having #TheSmartTalk with Kids About Online Safety

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As my boys get older, there is more and more they are learning to do with their electronics. Some of them have been more eager than others to jump into the online world, but all of them have ventured into it in one way or another. I think it is so important especially in this age of technology that kids are being raised in now, that parents take the time to really talk to their kids about what is and what is not appropriate online, and how to practice safety and restraint when using their smart technology. LifeLock understands that too, and has developed TheSmartTalk.org, where parents and kids can come together and sign a contract governing the use of their technology.

My oldest son is now 15 and has a Facebook page. Even though we discussed what was and was not appropriate and how to handle the adding of friends, etc. I have still had to go in to monitor and even have him remove a thing or two from time to time. Let's face it, kids don't always make the wisest of decisions on their own, and they do best when there is a clearly defined list of rules or expectations they can follow.

That is why I love the idea of The Smart Talk site. Parents and children can go on their, select the technology and issues that are important to them, and use that information to draw up a contract between the parent and child for the safe and responsible use of their smart technology. This contract lays everything out plainly so there is no mistaking what should or should not happen online.

I recently visited The Smart Talk site with my oldest son and we made a contract up between the two of us. It was a great experience to be able to talk openly about all of the potential issues that come along with using the smart technology in our home and operating social media accounts, etc. online. We went through and selected our ground rules carefully, and then drew up the contract to be acknowledged by both of us. It was great for him, because now he knows exactly what is expected of him when it comes to responsibly using his smart technology, and great for me, because it really helped open the doors for communication on this subject.

Want to make a contract and have The Smart Talk about technology with your kids? Just visit TheSmartTalk.org to get started today!

This post is brought to you in collaboration with LifeLock, all opinions are my own. 

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