#DIY Natural Winter Wreath Tutorial

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Christmas is quickly approaching and I have already started decorating the house. I like to choose things that can last all Winter long without needing to be changed out, so not just for the Christmas holiday. That's why I love the idea of a simple and natural looking Winter wreath like this easy DIY wreath. It can work for Christmas, but can be left out all Winter long to brighten your door. 

Materials Needed

1 skien green boucle yarn 
Foam wreath
Hot glue 
Waterproof sealant, optional


To begin, place a small dab of epoxy or glue on the "back" of your frame and wind some of the yarn around the frame over the glue. Allow for the epoxy to dry before continuing to wrap the yarn.

(You will find it easier to keep the yarn in a ball for this process, so it can pass easily around the frame.)

Tightly twist and wind the yarn around the entirety of the frame. Every few inches, add another dab of glue and wind the yarn over top. This helps secure the yarn if there is ever a tear.

You may want to go over the frame twice if you have any gaps in the yarn.

Attach your intended decor - either the silver poinsettia or the pine cones - using the hot glue. 

Lay your wreath flat with any adornments facing up for 24 hours before hanging or exposing to harsh winter elements.

If your door is prone to getting drafts of wet snow, seal your craft with a waterproof craft sealer that specifies that it can be used for fabric on the label. (Keep in mind that this spray may alter the color of the fabric slightly.) Again, allow the sealant to dry for 24 hours before hanging.

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  1. Very cute wreath! I love the simplicity of it, and that you can display it all Winter long! Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!



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