DIY Baby's First Christmas Ornament #Craft

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Christmas is an awesome time of the year for DIY gifts and decor. I shared a DIY home is where the heart is ornament a few weeks ago, and today I wanted to share a quick and easy tutorial for making a Baby's 1st Christmas ornament that would make a wonderful gift idea, or a perfect addition to your tree if you have a little one who will be celebrating their first Christmas this year. It is super easy to make, and can be customized in a million different ways. It would be simple to turn it into an ornament for a baby girl as well. 


-Plastic, Shatter Proof Large Bulb Ornament
-Fake Glitter Snow
-Baby Boy Button Accessories
-Holiday Button Accessories
-Green and Red Puffy Paint
-A funnel (optional)
-Tweezers (optional)


-First start by removing the lid to the ornament and pouring your fake snow into your ornament. It may be a bit difficult being that the top to the ornament is a fairly small opening and it could get messy. To avoid a complete and total mess, I would definitely recommend using a funnel for this to ensure that the snow only goes into your ornament and not everywhere else.

-Next, drop your little accessories into the ornament careful not to push them down too hard because they will get lost into the snow. I would recommend using tweezers to drop them in there, this way you can place them exactly where you would like and they will land right side up instead of face down.

-Replace your lid to your ornament

-Finally just do your ornament writing! You can put whatever you would like on your ornament. I personally wrote "Jaxson's First Christmas" and the year! But you can choose to put whatever you would like! 

-Allow that to dry and hang on the tree and enjoy!

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