How to Stop Yelling at Your Kids #Parenting

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Hello, my name is Kathleen, and I am a yeller. I am doing everything I can to remedy that situation everyday, but just like a person addicted to any one thing, it is hard and I take it on a day to day basis. Addicted to yelling? Yep. Why? Because it is easy. It's an easy way to quiet the situation, be heard and yes, relieve stress. It's wrong though, and I know it, just like I know that I along with everyone in the world am not perfect, so I continue to work on it daily. Is yelling something you need to work on too? Here are some tips on how to stop yelling at your kids.

1. Calm Yourself Down: If you feel yourself getting really worked up and angry, like you're going to start screaming any moment...take a few moments to calm your self down.  You can do this by simply closing your eyes or taking deep breaths in and out to just calm yourself to avoid yelling.

2. Leave the Situation: If you're in a situation that you know may lead you to begin yelling, try to leave the situation. Just take your child into another room and get away for a bit, which is another great way to calm you down and prevents you from yelling at your kids. 

3. Think About Their Feelings: No one likes to be yelled at and that isn't any different for your little ones. Think about the situation through their perspective, if you were screamed and yelled at, you wouldn't like it very much either would you? So before you start yelling at your kids for their wrong doing, take a minute to collect your thoughts and think about if yelling is really worth it.

4. Be Stern, Yet Calm: Now, I don't believe that you don't need to address and discipline your children firmly, I just don't think that yelling is the way to go. Instead, when you are disciplining them just try using a stern voice so that they know you mean business without having to yell at them! Just try to remain as calm as you possibly can but still get your point across. 

Trust me, yelling at your kids is likely doing a lot more hurting than helping. A lot of kids actually have a negative reaction to yelling and they tend to rebel. You'll slip up from time to time, and trust me, all parents do, but as long as you are making an effort and doing your best to love your kids every day, stick to tips like these and keep on parenting in the best way you know how! 

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